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(Written by Sir Syed “Hamaray Baad Hamara Naam Rahay Ga”)

By: Abbas Ali

It is an absurd and vulgar idea, of which no result is understood. There is no doubt that many people are suffering from this vulgar idea. Some want a child so that his name shall be carried on through the child. Some constructed palaces so that people shall remember their names after their death. But I ask, what is the benefit of it? If people say that Akbar has constructed this fort and that fort belongs to Shahi-Jahan. What is the benefit of it to the diseased? One who had to die has died. He has carried with him his deeds. Now let the people say, whatever had to happen has happened. Saidi says:

Nowsherwaan’s name is alive due to his justice

Although a long time has passed since his death

The meaning of this verse is that after the death of Nowsherwaan, people used to say that Nowsherwan was very just. However, it was not revealed the benefit of it to Nowsherwan. Therefore, why do they harbor this wish? The wish of the people that their name shall remain intact after their death. And what the benefit it does to them? It is an immature idea and is the proof of a person’s hollowness. A man should keep the idea in his mind that he should do such a task that will benefit people and the nation. For example, invent some knowledge, invent some skill, or invent an idea that is beneficial to people. This idea is quite right because it is not for oneself, mainly when the self is bound to get destroyed. Contrarily, it is for the alive people and those whose continuity extends up to the doomsday. Therefore, in my opinion, nothing is more foolish for a man than to think that he will do such a task through which his name will remain after his death.

I read the whole story; the story is over

Hijab was the purpose of the stories

Anwar Sidiqi’s IntikhabMazameen Sir Syed (pg. 124-125)

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