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187th newborn baby girl arrives in Amritsar Cradle

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Amritsar: Amritsar’s cradle Scheme under the Red Cross called ‘Pangoora Scheme’ welcomed its newest member of a newly-born baby girl. 

The baby was just a few hours old when abandoned by unknown people a few days back.

Randhir Singh official Red Cross informed “Around 10.15 pm on August 25, a newborn baby was found in the cradle at the out-gate cradle or the Pangoora. The little cradle has a bell hanging on top. When the child is placed in the cradle, the bell is rung. The baby was first rushed to nearby Parvati hospital here for medical examination and was found to be underweight and was therefore under care for a few days. Later, she was brought to Pangoora.

Gurpreet Sudan Chairperson, Red Cross Society, the wife of Deputy Commissioner DC Harpreet Sudan, visited the baby girl, completed the process, and sent her to the Swami Ganga Nand Bhuriwale Foundation and put the baby up for adoption under the LAPA scheme.

‘Pangoora Scheme’ was started in 2008 in Amritsar by its then Deputy Commissioner.

KS Pannu. Since then 187 children arrived at Pangoora, out of which 156 were girls and 31 boys. Pangoora, is a rescue-cum-shelter care home for abandoned infants.

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