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What can be done to combat drug abuse

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By: Faizaan Bashir

What is it that tricks a normal being into taking drugs? Even after realising its cartloads of pernicious effects, why isn’t one able to stop them once and for all? The answer lies in the fact that the drug-abusers, most of them, have a history of depression, stress, anxiety and many other psychological disorders that they find difficult to put up with. So, in order to give to the mind a ceaseless rush of dopamine, a harmone that makes one feel good, consuming drugs becomes the fitting choice.

What can be done?

I would suggest that those that are used to devouring or snuffing or whatever ways they take them in must at least try to check the status of their lives. They must ask themselves what it is that prompts them to become an easy victim of drugs. Analysing the root causes would do plenty in helping one recover from the predicament. If there are bouts of depressive tendencies, self-control, meditation and seeking help from a professional therapist should be considered wholeheartedly.

To those at the higher hierarchy:

The need of the hour is to create awareness regarding the trap of abusing drugs. We must impart in our education system the whole concept of drug-abuse as to how it affects health and psychology.

The administration ought to put more efforts in cracking whip on such elements. At the same time, instead of penalising the drug abusers, they should be given counselling sessions to sort out the issues that prompt them to abuse drugs.

To the parents:

Guardians must keep a vigil on their children: from where they are coming, who are they friends with, why are they coming late, what they have done to the pocket money and other such issues. These are the questions which every parent must ask their children. Talking freely with your children is yet another way to inhibit any strain eating away at their fragile minds.


We will have to do these things for the sake of our people in general. And our children in particular. The sooner, the better.


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