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Install high security registration plates on vehicles or face action: Police

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Srinagar, Aug 17: Police here on Wednesday asked people to install high security registration plates (HSRP) on their vehicles or face action.
“In light of investigations into usage of vehicles for transport by terrorists, all owners are requested to install HSRP on both front and rear of vehicles (in all the two-wheelers also) as mandated by the Motor Vehicles Act. Non-compliance will lead to legal action including seizure of vehicle,” the Srinagar Police said on Twitter.
The police also asked the vehicle owners to check the antecedents before selling or renting out their vehicles.
“All those selling, renting or providing vehicles are also requested to verify credentials of such buyer or user from the nearest police station before handing over the vehicle,” it said.
Ignorance of procedures will not be an excuse if such vehicles are found with subversive elements, it added.
The transport authorities and police had issued a similar warning in June this year, asking people to install high security registration plates by 15th of that month.
They had warned that any vehicle found without HSRP will be impounded.

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