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A person, an epitome of simplicity and strength

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By: Dr. Syed Tanvir Ahmad Indrabi: /Dr. Imtiyaz Ahmad Wani

Anything we choose in life comes along with its inherent positives and negatives. It is mad to hunt for a rose without a bush! When we choose one side of the coin we have already chosen the other side of it. Don’t ask for trouble-freebased life. There is no such life. The bigger the ambition, the greater will be issue, when we want to walk, the issues will be few. When we choose to run a marathon, obviously there will be more issues to deal with. When we chose to merely exist, we face lesser issues but when we chose to live a worthy life we are supposed to battle larger issues. There is no easy way to top and those who made it to the top didn’t make it easy. The higher the maturity, the bigger the challenges! That’s how our lives mould us.

It is indeed difficult to develop your personality with the changing conditions, but it is a cool comfort only if you know how to adapt to these changes from childhood. It is pertinently difficult to offer a wide-ranging definition of personality. However, we can say that personality is the combination of external, internal and acquired characteristics of an individual. Whenever we intend to enquire about the personality of a person, we immediately mention and respond with some of the attributes that are associated with that particular individual. These characteristics are static yet dynamic and can change over time. It is because of these individual traits that we differ from each other and showcase how we are different yet similar in many senses. Traits are gifts that serve as an asset to us. Acquired or natural traits of a person brand his personality high and reliable. I have faith and strongly believe that Syed Tanvir Ahmad Indrabi is the amalgamation of these highly acquired as well as natural attributes.

Syed Tanvir Ahmad Indrabi was born in a middle-class noble family in the small hamlet of Pulwama known as Zadoora in 1964. He was known as Ghulam Hassan before his formal beginning of academic career. However, his mother baptized him with a new name Tanvir Ahmad with an intention that her son will spread the light when he grows up. His parents raised him with great care and love. His mother wanted to see him as a high official but not at the cost of sending him away from her sights,  so enrolled him in a local primary school and it was here that the launch pad of  Syed Tanvir Ahmad Indrabi was prepared by receiving his primary education.

When TanvirIndrabi, embarked on the journey of life and came out of his mother’s lap and gained consciousness, the world outside appeared to be very frank and moderate.   He was tall and handsome gentleman. Along with being handsome, his demeanour was also balanced. He was one of the brilliant students in his class and was good at his studies. He was impressive in his communication skills and the art of presentation was unmatchable, he could easily outdo any professional whenever he would get the chance of presenting his skills.

After his primary education, Syed TanvirrIndrabi was enrolled in Newa High School and opted for Medical stream as it suited his temperament. He completed his intermediate from Govt. Higher Secondary School Pulwama. Thereafter, he graduated from SP College, Srinagar with excellent grades. He completed his higher studies with M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees from the prestigious and famous learning hub-University of Kashmir.

While Dr. Tanvir was pursuing higher studies, during the same period, he completed a two-year Diploma in Functional Arabic. Ironically, by achieving this feat, Syed Tanvir Ahmad made his teachers his peers. It was the result of his ability, sociability and intelligence that the villagers would see and deal with him with politeness, respect and honour. Syed TanvirIndrabi is a polite, intelligent and great orator with a jolly personality. One would always find him engaged in serious discussions. He treats everyone on the same page. Everyone is treated with the dignity and respect. He does not discriminate on the basis of status as we witness in our society that most officials have made it a trend to publicize their favour for the sake of name and fame. That is what also makes him different from rest of others.

Dr. Syed TanvirIndrabi started his professional career in 1987 at Government Degree College for Women, Anantnag. He believes that students have always been a priority in my mission. Educating students morally, guiding them at the right time and preparing them for future service to the nation has been one of my main objectives since day one and I am still working on this mission.

In response to a question, he said that children outside Kashmir are free to choose their field and department for their career, whereas in Kashmir, the right of child’s will is blocked by the parents by asking him to become a doctor or an engineer against his choice and this sometimes weighs heavily on a child. In response to a question related to administrative matters, he said that I strictly adhere to one philosophy and that is “Don’t leave today’s work for tomorrow”.  Dr. Syed further said that “Man is identified by what he speaks. His thoughts are an asset. In response to yet another question about inequality, he believes, “Since I preach, I am a teacher; I am an administrator, so it should be strongly realized that the people from lower ranks of society should be loved by a preacher, an administrator and a teacher. One should be concerned about bringing up a student and developing and improving his abilities”. While citing some Islamic references, he said that the “education of Muslim is incomplete without studying the Qur’an. Every Muslim should study the Qur’an and study it properly with proper guidance.

Responding to a question regarding his influences, Dr. Syed TanvirIndrabi further said, “Many people have influenced my life, and the name of Maulana Syed Mohammad Ashraf Indrabi is at the top, I consider him as my Guru, Mushfiq as well as my mentor.” Needless to mention that my father Syed Mohammad Yusuf IndrabiSahab played a key role in shaping my life. Also, Nana Ji Syed QudratullahQadri has influenced me a lot with his role and Sheikh-Ul-Aalam(RA) is my spiritual teacher.

While recalling and narrating a bitter incident of the past, Dr. Syed TanvirIndrabi said with moist eyes, “I was running a coaching centre. A student took admission there. The same student informed me that his parents withdrew out the GP fund for his admission fee. Even today my heart is troubled by that episode. I should have taught that student for free. The wounds of incident are still fresh even today.

In the series of these events, another incident was narrated, he said that once we stood up to offer prayers at the Botanical Garden, Srinagar, but no one was ready to lead. From here, the direction of my life was attracted towards religion and my heart was inclined towards worship later I was bestowed with the blessing of Hajj twice and Umrah four times.

Dr. Syed TanvirIndrabi is a writer also. He has authored several books including

‘Flowers of Faith’, the English book ‘Posts Par Excellence’ and English Commentary on ‘Mustafa JaaneRehmatPeLakhoon Salaam’ which took 5 years to translate and for this book he holds the privilege and prestige of being the only translator of the subcontinent.

Apart from this, he has written more than five thousand inspiring quotes based on different topics. Despite his high profile position in professional life, Dr Syed TanvirIndrabi is friendly, good-mannered, sincere, harmonious and intelligent. His hobbies include travelling to his homeland and the world outside his homeland. He would pay occasional visit to the shrines of Sufi saints. It is his routine to attend the shrines of these Walikamil saints. While narrating another episode of his life, he stated that I was seriously injured in a grenade blast at the age of 31 and was under treatment at Soura Medical Institute. When my mother came to visit me, seeing my poor condition, she raised her hands and prayed to Allah that “if there is any day left in my life shift those days for my son because I won’t live without him.” The result was that I got well and my mother passed away. Since then, I have had this feeling that I am alive only to pray for her magfirah. Also, obeying Allah, honouring the Prophet ﷺ and serving the people is the main purpose of my life.

When the crops begin to ripe, they look yellow. Such a scene creates a sense of gold being placed on the ground. The open sky is visible everywhere and the morning and evening view cheers; this eventually helps to relish the heart of a despondent person too. These beautiful views and refreshing breeze renovates the life of the village people. In the same way, in an organization, when a suitable, reliable, selfless, competent, hardworking, dedicating himself to the organization, selfless service for others, you also tend to imitate such great personalities, you also enjoy working in such a delightful and working environment.

There are very few characteristics that distinguish a human being from other creatures, one of them is leadership. The purpose of leadership is to guide people and the staff or organization correctly, respect them and provide easy solutions to their problems. Not only me, but also a large section of the society has recognized his talent and honest leadership. His talent and honest leadership qualities are recognized by a large section of society. He not only respects his subordinates but also brings out their hidden talent with his wisdom and guidance. At present, Dr. Tanvir Ahmad IndrabiSahab is serving currently as the Principal of Government Degree College, Khansahab, Budgam. One would wish to listen him all ears throughout day.

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