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The choices that we make for others!

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By: Uzair Hamid

Life up-to 10th standard is really enjoyable as every student is living his/her life without any deterrence or pressure. You know what happens after 10th– almost everyone starts thinking about the carrier and opt for a stream according to one’s strength.But unfortunately everything is not as simple as this and some students choose their stream not by their choice but due to the family pressure and strange standards in the society- most of the students fall under the trap and even when they don’t find it interesting, they opt for the medical stream.

Majority of students choose medical science by chance and this is what I have realized in last three years of my preparations for the same. Having fallen to the emotionality of the family, many of us actually abandon our dreams and want to strive for success in subjects that aren’t our core strength.

Parents need to realize that such a decision is not only unwise, but it is detrimental for young students who are stressed, lose focus and sometimes end up dejected and dismayed. If you are a medical student you must have faced such hardships.Almost 18 lakh students applied this year and nearly 76000 will get into govt colleges so the competition is really hard and those of us who are in the race not by choice but by chance have the risk of failing twice. Besides these issues seat reservation is also becoming a problem for the general category students- last year a student from cdp category with 118 points got selected and student from general category with 570 were dropped.

Now the main issue is the pressure either from the family or from the society that brings a student to the threshold of suicide. It is obvious that no one wants to disobey parents and rather would do anything to please them. But once parents push their ward to opt for a subject that is neither his/her strength not interest, it becomes overly difficult and frustrating. Parents must realize the strong areas of their children and let them pursue their ambitions.

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