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By: Faizan Aisha

With the increase in facilities and concept of bringing ‘everything at your doorstep’,there have emerged some serious issues for the masses which need immediate attention. Living in the 21st century and not planting a single tree for pollution free environment but trying new ways to create further disturbances. One such way to create noise and unnecessary sounds have been founded by the street vendors who are increasingly using megaphones and loudspeakers.

Using loudspeakers for selling goods in residential areas have seen upswing in recent months, especially after Covid 19, leading to higher levels of noise and many problems to residents.

Ranging from vegetable sellers to cloth merchants, scrap collectors to pickle vendors, all have started using this common technique to lure the masses through a public address system announcing variety of commodities they are selling, its quality and related rates.

The usage of loudspeakers for business purpose by the mobile vendors has added to the increased noise pollution in the residential areas. Infuriated over the kind of business activity near the houses, locals have now started to complain with the authorities. They are using loudspeakers flouting all the norms of residential areas to sell their goods while residents suffer quietly taking refuge in their homes during the scorching of summer season.

In few cases the vendors use transport vehicles like Piaggio and Apache autos that produce significant engine noise too and while moving they honk unwarrantedly worsening the situation further. When these autos get into streets the peaceful ambience is overpowered by their high decibel noise and the high pitch vibrations of autos are a cause of irritating to people. Due to this doctors witness more cases of noise induces sleeplessness and anxiety and many have taken to social media to complain about the issue.

Often elderly and patients suffering from other ailments have a very low tolerance for loud noise, even if it is within the permissible range. We may see soon patients return with symptoms of stress induced by noise off late.

During my preparation for a medical entrance exam, five street vendors along with those megaphones on roof of their vehicles was a daily routine. The moment I would try to focus on a topic, an annoying sound from outside would bust my concentration apart.

I humbly request the concerned authorities to make some provisions for such vendors to sell their goods once in a week in a selected colony through makeshift arrangement for the ease of residents.

Writer is a columnist, motivational speaker and can be reached at [email protected]

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