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Those aged above 17 but not yet 18 can now register in advance to become voters: EC

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New Delhi: In an effort to ensure greater participation of youth in polls, the Election Commission has decided that those above 17 years of age can now apply in advance to register as voters once they turn 18.

Till recently, people turning 18 on or before January 01 of a particular year were eligible to enroll themselves in the voters’ list. Those turning 18 after January 01 had to wait for one whole year to register as voters.

Following change in election law, people can register as voters on January 01, April 01, July 01 and October 01 on turning 18.

According to an EC statement on Thursday, the poll panel led by Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar and Election Commissioner Anup Chandra Pandey has directed the poll machinery in the states to work out tech-enabled solutions to facilitate those above 17 years of age (but not yet 18) to file their advance applications.

The poll panel later said “advance application can be submitted on or after November 09, 2022, the date on which the draft electoral roll will be published.”

“Henceforth, the electoral roll will be updated every quarter and eligible youngsters can be registered in the next quarter of the year in which he or she has attained the qualifying age of 18 years,” it said.

For the current round of annual revision of electoral roll, 2023, any citizen attaining the age of 18 years by April 01, July 01 and October 01 of 2023 can also submit an advance application for registration as a voter from the date of draft publication of electoral roll, it explained.

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