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COVID – The numbers are surging!

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From past several weeks, there has been a sharp rise in Covid-19 positive cases in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir and the administration has geared up to face any new challenge on pandemic from. The Director Health Services Kashmir has directed all Chief Medical Officers, Medical Superintendents and Block Medical officers to keep 10-15 beds available for Covid patients in all district or sub district hospitals besides keeping 4 to 5 beds for Covid-19 antenatal patients.

The Chief Secretary too has appealed to the people of J&K to take the necessary precautions and be safe. While admitting that there is a surge in Covid positive cases, the CS impressed that it is time to renew efforts to contain this contagious virus from spreading again. He appealed people to follow mandatory SoPs like wearing of face masks, use of hand sanitisers, etc. He also advised people to take precautions and be careful in public places for the general good of all of them. He has also counseled people to take the precautionary dose whoever is eligible. He made out that it is the mass vaccination that has saved human lives last time and this time again people should show prudence by taking the free booster doses for their safety and well being.

It may be mentioned here that 224 new positive cases were reported in UT on 16 July, 2022 while as in May this year the number of cases had fallen to single digits. Now that every passing day records an increased number of such cases, the people have to wake up to the threat looming large. With the decrease in the cases during past few months, people have started taking the issue not seriously. Masks have vanished from the faces and people are mingling in crowds without any precautions. This could be the reason for the increasing number of Covid cases and thus should once again put the people on high alert to tackle with the virus. People need to understand that the virus is very much here and despite the massive vaccination drive, it is going to stay and therefore following the SOPs is the only way to defeat it. Medical experts describe the trend of violating SOPs as worrisome saying the masses need to adopt Covid-19 SOPs as a new normal because nothing will change immediately. They are of the opinion that despite the vaccination drive, the virus is not going to vanish overnight and therefore taking extreme precautions is the only way to ensure safety from this invisible enemy. It is every individual’s responsibility to ensure that he/she helps in breaking the chain of infection and that is possible only if everyone adheres to ongoing SOPs. People have to behave as responsible citizens and understand that one who doesn’t follow the guidelines is doing utmost disservice to his/her own self, family and the society at large.

That said, the administration needs to gear up and run a massive campaign regarding the Covid related SOPs. It is high time that authorities ensure that people use face masks while at public places, places of worship, government offices or in schools. We have seen the deadly virus claiming nearly five thousand lives in the UT and thus should in no way allow it to spread its tentacles against.

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