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Stray Dog Menace: HC seeks details from SMC about dog population in Srinagar and action plan for containing the same

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Srinagar: The High Court on 8th of July sought details from Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) about stray dogs on streets of Srinagar and the action plan for containing the canine menace.

In a Public Interest Petition filed by the law students of Central University of Kashmir, Justices Ali Mohammad Magrey and Mohd Akram Chowdhary asked the Corporation to give details about the number of animal birth control and Anti-rabies Centers in the city. The bench also sought details as to how many sterilizations are undertaken by the civic body on each working day.

“Commissioner, SMC, shall submit the details of number of stray dogs available in the City of Srinagar. While submitting such numbers, it shall be reported as to what steps are taken about the aspect of creation of awareness with regard to dog bites and anti-rabies management,” the court said.

The Commissioner has also been asked to submit the details about the issue of animal birth control and setting up of Anti-rabies Centres.

“He shall submit the action plan of the Corporation for containing the menace of stray dogs and particularly dog bites as also the spread of rabies,” the court said, adding, “It shall be indicated in the status report as to whether public advisories have been issued in Print and Electronic Media, indicating the Do’s and Don’ts, in order to avoid dog bites.”

In another direction, the court asked the Commissioner to also mention number of available animal birth control and Anti-rabies Centres in Srinagar. He has also been asked to provide details about number of sterilization on each working day.

“He shall also submit the action plan about the setting up of animal birth control and Antirabies Centres.”

The Commissioner, it said, shall ensure that the produce of energy rich garbage is controlled mainly contributed by the poultry waste “which is energy rich”.

“Principal Secretary to the Government, Health and Medical Education Department is directed to file an affidavit, indicating the availability of Anti-rabies vaccines and human rabies immunoglobulin injections in all the dispensaries and hospitals throughout the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir,” the court said in another direction.

Authorities have been also asked to indicate the steps taken for dealing with the complaints filed by the various persons, social activists and victims about the dog bites. The Commissioner and other authorities have been asked submit the details by August 9.