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Jammu sizzles as mercury to soar over 43°C

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Jammu: Jammu continues to remain under the grip of an intense heat wave as the temperature continuously remains over 43° Celsius for the last seven days.

There was no respite for the people from scorching heat wave conditions on Saturday also as the temperature remained above normal.

Due to the harsh weather conditions, it has become immensely difficult for people to go out in the open, particularly during the afternoons.

“Life has come to a standstill due to the immense heat wave in Jammu. Markets and roads wear a deserted look in the daytime since people prefer to stay inside homes in the afternoons. There are hardly any customers. Buyers are only coming in the morning hours or late in the evening,” said Darshan Lal, who runs a grocery store.

It is not only the day temperature that is bothering the people of Jammu — even the nights are no better! Jammu, which is otherwise known for its cool nights, is this time around experiencing above-normal night temperatures.

With no let-up from the extremely high temperatures, the people are thronging hill stations like Patnitop and Sanasar seeking some respite from the hot weather conditions.

“A record number of tourists are arriving at Patnitop daily. Though a section of the tourists returns to their respective places after spending a day at Patnitop, a large number of visitors stay here for two-three days, even for a week. Most of the hotels and guest-houses of Patnitop are running full on weekends,” said Subhash, a manager of a hotel at Patnitop.

Those people who are unable to visit hill stations due to one reason or the other are trying to beat the heat by enjoying dips in the iconic Ranbir Canal of Jammu city. Amid prevailing heat wave conditions, a huge rush of people can be seen at the Ranbir Canal during the daytime.

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