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In a significant move, the Jammu and Kashmir administration on Thursday appointed an acid attack victim, Advocate Sehar Nazir as a standing counsel for Srinagar district. The move aims at ensuring empowerment of victims of crime against women and providing equal opportunities of growth, rehabilitation and development. This move has been appreciated by people from cross sections of the society as it comes months after a girl was injured by in Srinagar by throwing acid on her. In a prompt and praiseworthy manner, Jammu and Kashmir Police arrested the culprit and his accomplices who are currently facing the course of law. The victim is being treated at a Chennai hospital and the UT government has been on fore front to help ensure her treatment. Advocate Sehar Nazir has been appointed as Standing Counsel for defending government cases before subordinate courts at Srinagar. This government decision will go a long way for the victim to carve out a respectable place in a society.

From past few years, crimes against women have shown in increasing trend. Unfortunately, in most of the cases, though such cases are reported and condemned but forgotten with the passage of time. Worst is when some people instead of standing for the victims, try to find out excuses to justify the inhuman crimes. In this back drop, UT government’s decision of appointing an acid victim as Counsel, has a louder message. The governments stands with the victims and so should the society as a whole.

Earlier, to ensure equal opportunities of growth and development to specially abled people, Jammu and Kashmir government appointed Suraj Singh, a visually impaired Advocate, as Government Advocate for defending government cases before the High Court of Jammu and Kashmir at Jammu.

Specially abled people have all along been on the receiving end. Some people fail to recognize their abilities and just look at their physical issues. These people are integral to societal progress and prosperity. No society can progress and proper if it ignores a section of its own. These people may have some limitations but they undoubtedly have the abilities to resolve their day to day issues and serve the society. Question is whether the society is ready to provide them the proper space to function. By appointing Suraj Singh as government advocate, the UT government has unambiguously conveyed that these people are as important and integral to society’s progress as anyone else.

In both the above mentioned cases, the UT government has set a very positive precedence. It is hoped that the process continues and government remains always there for hand holding of such people. However, more than the government, it is the society that has to wake up and own such people, respect them, provide them comfortable space so that they too can contribute to the prosperity and progress of the society.


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