Ramadan A Month of blesings And Virtue – Lets Reflect it

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Ramadan is the most special month to restrain and train our soul and body, try to make most of it

Dr. Ashaq Hussain

The month of Ramadan is in progress with its blessings and sanctifications. It is also a matter of great relief for us that collective worship is possible this Ramadan after the lifting of covid restrictions which were in place for nearly two years. Ramadan is a month of worship, the month of refreshing and inculcating good manners, virtues and a month of blessings and one must not miss this chance to seek the utmost blessings of almighty Allah.

Islam is the religion of intellect and because of this intellect Allah Almighty has bestowed humans the highest status among all creatures. As Muslims, when we ponder over the questions as why the worships performed in this month is greatest and why this month is called the ‘month of Allah’; we realize that this blessed month is a month of patience and gratitude, two qualities that we Muslims are constantly commanded to have.

This month teaches us empathy. We realise the worth of food after hunger and thirst of a few hours and often think about those who do not possess enough to buy themselves, their children, their families food and suffer same ordeal throughout the year and sometimes throughout ages! When man realizes this, he leaves no stone unturned in gratitude to Allah and decides in his heart that he is bound to help the needy and serving the needy is the greatest worship which is the actual aim of the month Ramadan or fasting.

It is also important to note that this blessed month does not need us to only refrain from food and drinks and rather wants us to be pure in every sense of the term. We must not indulge into things and activities that aren’t pleasant in view of Quran and the Sunnah. We must also refrain from things that may take us away from the remembrance of almighty Allah.

This month should train us for the entire year ahead and we should continue doing good deeds as well as avoiding things unpleasant in view of our religion. It is a must that the month should inculcate in us a profound feeling and realisation of our Deen and its spirit.

For me, the month of Ramadan is like a refresher course, but due to lack of proper training and teachings we spend this holy month as usual and do not think why we are ordered to fast in this month and why certain restrictions are imposed in this month. Why is there so much reward for doing good and worship in this month, rarely people ponder over it!

The fact is that Muslims have distanced themselves from religion. They have fallen prey to misguidance, due to which moral depravity, lies, deceit, arrogance and conceit have been instilled in us.Today we are all caught up in psychological, physical, mental and social worries and confusions and instead of turning to Allah and gaining patience and tranquillity in the manner prescribed by the Holy Prophet (SAW), we have chosen the material manners that are neither good nor helping in the long run.

Let our lives be moulded in the framework of Qur’anic teachings where Muslims be viewed as the symbol of Islam in such a way that others can understand Islamic teachings by having a look at us and our behaviour and deeds. In the Holy Qur’an, Allah Almighty has stated that the wisdom of observing the fasts of Ramadan should be characterized by piety, i.e, one’s heart, thoughts, understanding, style and character should be changed in a way to have a new and righteous life after Ramadan and to have a kind of revolution in life. One should purify by repenting and seeking forgiveness from deception, lying, oppression, envy, backbiting and other denials and never commit such sin again. If these conditions have arisen in the heart and such a change has taken place in the life, then it should be understood that the purpose of Ramadan has been achieved and pleasure of Allah Almighty is obtained and Insha Allah, then success and prosperity will be the destiny and everyone will look at us with respect and dignity.

The writer is Assistant Professor (Selection Grade) At Govt. Degree College Chatroo and can be reached at [email protected]

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