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Karnataka’s Muskan and Kashmir’s Auroosa

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History embraces a triumph or feat of achievement that has been hitherto unknown. When it boils down to treading -on  trodden path that is dotted with marks of tradition , one can’t figure out to be a lamp that enlightens the dark corners for the world and history won’t welcome a patent that is in the nature of an offshoot. When one is assumed to be an underdog and you lay the order of the day when you triumph over odds, you find your name reckoned in the historical canon.

History will never remember you with the number of dishes you had (enjoyed) in dining but will remember you with the number of triumphs you had in your life. Your heroics are hidden in your valor. Remember! The process is more important than the result. Heroes of the history are always remembered for the process, otherwise results may be synonymous at the end. We remember Hazrat Umar (RA), Alexander, Napoleon etc for a reason. They set precedence, just not for the wins but for the rigor in the process to win; win being the bye-product only.  Tough win is always beautiful, and magnetic to draw the inspiration.

As a human race we have come a long way when it comes to making progress in the dynamics of society, and all this credit goes to education. There are various mediums to learn from, like our experiences, critical analysis and reading. Education is incredibly important if we want to enhance our quality of life and can see the world through different lenses to understand different viewpoints of people or to see the larger picture of the world. It is a potent tool that helps to create better societies with a rational thought process and finally good virtues.

Education is much more than the bookish knowledge but the application of what we learn can help us to inculcate ethical and moral values to build a positive and safe environment for all irrespective of their creed, color, faith or line of action. Our level of tolerance increases and the people with different mindsets find a solace under the same umbrella and in the same nest.  It helps you to agree to disagree to maintain the social harmony and to create morally sound and secure society for all. But if it fails to do so then your education is flawed. Either you are being used to fulfill others’ interests directly or you are being brain washed to break the communal harmony and social fabric of the society to fulfill the same interests indirectly. You become toxic for the societal relations and jeopardy to the peace and prosperity of the habitat.

Such one incident was seen, couple of days before, in Karnataka, India, where an indoctrinated group tried to heckle a Muslim girl, Muskaan Khan, for hijab. But the response from her was unbelievable, filled with valor and courage. If one wants to see valor in flesh and blood, he ought to see the girl shouting slogans to counter the dozens of licentious and lecherous men with saffron strips. Fighting her fear, she triumphed like a soldier. Her action may set precedence to any apartheid community to put over how life is lived like lion. History has shown us that it needs one person to show up to change the stereotyping forever. History of Indian subcontinent is carved with golden words for Rani of Jhansi who fought for their people but Muskaan fought for the basic human rights of her community. She turned out to be a hero by breaking the shackles of gender stereotyping. This is an example of real education. You learn how and when to act. How to bring charisma in your behavior to motivate others with your valor and self belief!

Past few years have witnessed some inhuman acts in the sub-continent. Lynching, burning alive, acid attacks, rapes, murders, etc fill the columns of news papers everyday and in this atmosphere of hatred and insecurity when you stand up for your rights, is a herculean task to make others proud on you. Muskaan gave it everything, she went for it and the truth is that she is the triumphant and surely will be an idol of millions irrespective of their gender, nationality and faith. Many people give up on the one yard line. Human spirit is powerful and it is always hard to kill it. This is greatness in you and you have got to learn how to fight your inner and outer fears. It is the time to say that I am going to do this and the unwarranted situation has come to test my will. This might have been running in her mind. Come on! Muskaan, show up, you are a fighter, don’t break down it is now or never. Your people are desperately, looking at you. Tell them I am here, I know how to protect my chastity, my identity and my rights. I am not anti-national. I know my constitution and I am up for my rights and the rights of my people. I am not a coward that this patriarchal world has labeled me with. I am a real hero and my roots pool out from Khawla Bint al-Azwar, one of the greatest female warriors.

Khudi ko jis ne falaq se buland-tar dekha

Wahi hai mamlikati subah-o-shaam se aaga

Overcoming the negative vibes from within and deciding against them in a fraction of a second calibrates the true picture of Muskaan – the lioness. Today it was a Hindu mob in Karnataka and couple of months before it was a Muslim mob in Lahore when they lynched and burnt Srilankan citizen alive. When humanity takes death bed, heroes rise to occasion to help sufferers. Such incidents need Muskan like valor to uproot and destroy the agony, uncertainty or intimidation from the grass root level; that is why she was celebrated in Kashmir more than the local daughter Aurosa Parvaiz who co-incidentally topped the JKBOSE, class 12th results on the same day.

When Muskaan’s videos went viral like a wild fire, everybody came with heaps of praise for her; not even endorsing the Aurosa’s hard work. Both did the outstanding job, both are students but Muskaan got the stardom and Aurosa who topped the JKBOSE contradictorily, failed to impress some netizens of the valley who shamelessly trolled her. JKBOSE declared the results of class 12th and these results too bowled over the gender stereotyping and an engineered perception when Auroosa topped the table. Auroosa brought laurels to family and Muskaan set the order and norm of the day. Both are celebrated and both are a dividend to the nation and both should be hailed equally.

The writer is Principal Radiant Public School Anantnag

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