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Let’s stick to the guidelines, get vaccinated

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As we are recovering from the second wave of the Covid -19 Pandemic, the third wave has already announced its arrival making lockdowns, restrictions and suspension of activities at many places a new normal throughout the world. The unease among the masses is obvious, keeping in mind its earlier impacts on our economic and social life.

But this time there is something that works for us i.e information- and we are aware about the extent the third wave of corona pandemic will have its infectivity and the broader perspective of safety. Everyone is very well aware about various responsibilities that we need to take care to save ourselves as well as others from the virus.

We have been living with it for three years now and we survived till now and shall survive this too. Rumour mongering has no more takers now and all the confusions and doubts have been erased and replaced by scientific evidence and facts. We are better prepared for the virus as well as lockdowns and the restrictions. We have understood that those who have got the virus are not untouchables though we have to maintain a safe gap. Those who are affected by the virus also know that majority of them will never need hospitalisation. The panicky is no more to be seen among the masses however caution is definitely what we need.

The frontline workers, especially our doctors and paramedical staff are sufficiently equipped and provided with all that they lacked previously. The responsibility of taking care of underprivileged or poor sections of our society is well organized this time and the enthusiasm to help each other has grown exponentially.  All have realized the importance of helping each other during these tough times as this pandemic has affected everyone equally.

Vaccination, social distancing, use of face mask and medications have been well in place and the masses are obeying the guidelines precisely. Well-researched and colloquial health formulas are being employed for better results and self assessment of situation is very well done keeping in mind all the symptoms and precautions necessary to overcome the virus.

not that the pandemic is to be undermined in any sense but we also know that almost ten lakh people die each year due to diabetes and a double due to cardiovascular diseases. Nearly ten lakh die due to other diseases like cancer and tuberculosis and the accidental deaths each year are worrisome. It in no way means we lose our guard or take this viral infection lightly but the virus, according to the latest researches, will be much milder than its earlier strains.

Moreover, we have a vaccine also and its efficacy has been great given the small time frame that the scientific community had to prepare it. Vaccines, otherwise, take years to arrive at. We must remember that precaution is the key and getting vaccinated is our best chance to avoid hospitalisation as well as mortality.

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