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Israel warns against easing Iran sanctions, says it can unleash ‘terror on steroids’

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New Delhi/Davos:  Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on Tuesday warned against any easing of sanctions against Iran and said any funding for Tehran could lead to unleashing “terror on steroids” by what he described as an “octopus of terror”.

Addressing the World Economic Forum’s online Davos Agenda summit, he also invited the world leaders for business collaborations and said Israel is open for business and building bridges with new friends.

“We want to do good things together,” he said.

Asked about talks in some circles about easing of sanctions against Iran, he said, “Iran is an octopus of terror and instability which has its head in Tehran and arms all across the Middle East.”

He alleged that every country Iran engages with fails because Tehran has a clever modus operandi of driving out terror but flowing in their “proxies and messengers to conduct terror”.

“Iran is the source of terror in the Middle East and the free countries must call them out,” he said.

“The last thing you want to do with this sort of octopus is to pour tens of billions of dollars into this apparatus. Because what will you get? You get terror on steroids. Everything you see will be doubled and tripled.”

He said it made no sense for the free world to allow them to make nuclear weapons.

“I am originally a businessman and I can say one thing — investing in Iran is not a sound business, whether there is a deal or no deal,” he said.

Talking about COVID-19, he said he believes in taking quick decisions as it was necessary to do so early on and quickly in such situations.

“I personally run the COVID-19 task force as prime minister and every day at 9 am I take updates from all the concerned agencies and ministries.

“I do this because I believe leaders can make much quicker decisions and in a pandemic, being slow is losing,” he said.

Bennett said he felt it was important for him to run this task force as he believes that pandemics are not only about medicines or vaccines, they are also about the society, the economy, education, logistics etc and a lot more.



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