Religious leaders can be of great help

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As the number of Covid infections are on an alarming rise in Jammu and Kashmir, the divisional administration in Kashmir has taken a right step in right direction by engaging with the religious heads of the Valley to ensure that COVID Appropriate Behaviour (CAB) if followed in letter and spirit. Divisional Commissioner (Div Com) Kashmir, Pandurang K Pole on Thursday held a virtual meeting with Imams, Khateebs, Ulemas, Mutwalies of Mosques and Shrines of Waqf Board and sought their cooperation regarding reinforcement of Covid-19 guidelines at religious places besides creating mass awareness among people.It goes without saying that these religious heads are respected by the populace and their word carries weight. As the Omicron triggered third wave of Covid-19 is spreading fast in the Union Territory, every citizen, particularly the religious leaders, have to come forward and contribute their bit in educating people to adhere to the Covid SOPs. These leaders can’t only ensure that Covid related protocols are followed in Masjids and other religious places, they can also influence people to follow these everywhere during their day-to-day dealings.

The administration on its part is doing everything necessary for checking the spread of coronavirus. The vaccination drive is going on in full swing and 1,96,55,682 doses have been administered across the UT and every day more than fifty thousand doses are being administered. How important is vaccination can be gauged by the recent findings that suggest that in India, more than 90 percent people infected by the virus who need oxygen beds are those who have not been vaccination. That said, vaccine is not the ultimate cure. It is only the precautionary part that can ensure safety of humanity as it can halt the spread of the virus. It is peoples’ responsibility to help stop the spread of virus by following the SOPs strictly otherwise the administration will be left with no option but to take the extreme step of going for lock down which will undoubtedly impact the economy of the people.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday while interacting with chief ministers over the COVID-19 situation in the country too stressed on local containment of the virus spread as well as ensuring minimum damage to livelihood while making strategies to deal with the surge in cases due to the Omicron variant. While advocating pre-emptive, pro-active and collective approach to be followed in fighting the pandemic, PM asserted that it is very important to safeguard the economy and livelihood of common people while framing Covid strategies. He said that while making any containment strategy, the respective governments should ensure that there is minimum damage to the livelihood of the common people.

To ensure that the economy and livelihood of common people is not impacted while containing the coronavirus, the same common people have to ensure that proper Covid protocols are followed at home and outside. Wearing masks, maintaining social distance and regular washing of hands is the new norm and people have to learn to live with the same. Despite the vaccination drives, this noval virus is not going to vanish. It is here. That is the reality and everyone has to face this reality and gear up to ensure that while it is here, we will not become its carriers and will follow all the protocols to ensure that it doesn’t spread.

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