Today: Jun 17, 2024

Transparency is the key

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The Jammu and Kashmir government has launched web portal EMPOWERMENT (Enabling Monitoring and Public Overview of Works Being Executed and Resources for Meaningful Transparency) or ‘Janbaghidari’ which enables citizens to overview works/projects being implemented in their areas and become a partner in the process of development with the features of providing timely feedbacks and suggestions for improving expenditure outcomes. The initiative is a path-breaking one that would promote transparency in execution of developmental projects across the Union Territory. As mentioned, umpteenth times in these columns, transparency has something that always lacked in Jammu and Kashmir as for as developmental works are concerned. The entire system was opaque with the real stakeholders – the people – having no idea what is being spend on what. People would notice discrepancies in execution of developmental works but had no one to complain to as there was never any such mechanism in place that would enable them to register their concerns. As the result, most of the developmental works would not be upto the mark thus the state exchequer would go down the drain.

Launching of EMPOWERMENT portal is therefore a great step that would go a long way in ensuring that the developmental projects are completed as per the set norms. It contains details of all UT and District Capex projects implemented in Jammu and Kashmir from 2020-21. This web portal also contains links to MGNREGA, PMAY and SBM with real-time information on their implementation in Jammu and Kashmir. Similarly, progress of PMGSY is available on the website of J&K PWD through the given link on the Ministry’s website, it added. Moreover, the details for the projects executed during the past two years is available on various public platforms including the official website of the Finance Department, Government of Jammu and Kashmir and can be publically accessed on the url The web portal of the Finance Department is hosting information on projects implemented under Back to Village and JKIDFC.

With the launch of this portal, the citizens have automatically become stakeholders in the developmental process. They can look for their projects of interest, have ample information and come up with their observations based on the realities on the ground. The only thing that the administration has to ensure that whatever the feedback is received from the citizenry, it is not brushed away in typical bureaucratic fashion but assessed and followed regularly. People on the ground are the best judges because they know that whatever developmental projects are taken up by the government are ultimately for their benefit. Therefore, once they know that their input is being taken seriously, they will definitely come up with constructive observations that would add to the efficiency of these projects. It is therefore necessary that the concerned authorities make the use of this portal result oriented by taking each and every feedback from the citizenry seriously and thus do the needful.

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