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Satish Vimal gets National Humanitarian Literature Award 2021

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New Delhi: Famed multilingual poet, researcher, critic, art historian & cultural crusader from Jammu & Kashmir Dr Satish Vimal has been awarded with Humanitarian Literature Award 2021 for his exemplary contribution to literature and culture and for addressing humanitarian concerns through his writings at national level.

The award function was held today at New Delhi organized jointly by’ I Can Foundation’ & ‘National Humanitarian Mission’.  The Award was given away to Vimal by Member of Parliament Rahul Kaswan & the jury members at a dazzling function held at Delhi this afternoon.

“Satish Vimal is a multi-genre and multi-lingual writer whose humanitarian concerns address the whole of the world. His writings transcend the borders of geography, cultures and belief systems and which is why his writings are being translated throughout the world,” read the citation.

Speaking on the occasion, Satish Vimal said that it was his understanding that true literature caters to universal readers and audiences and the ancient literature of this land stands testimony to the fact that humanitarian literature belongs to all ages, all places and all races.

The member of Lok-Sabha from Rajasthan Rahul Kaswan congratulated Vimal for the award and said that he was thrilled to listen to Satish Vimal who dedicated his award to saint poets of Kashmir Laleshwari & Nooruddin Wali alias Nund Rishi. “Our great saints & writers nourish the spirit of inclusiveness and Satish has successfully related his past to the future through these cultural & historical icons of ours,” said the Parliamentarian.

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