Covid appropriate behavior is a must

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In the emerging threat of Omicron…

While the entire world is bracing up to tackle the Omicron variant of Covid-19, which World Health Organisation has designated as a Variant of Concern, that indicates it is quite likely to be extremely transmissible and potentially replace the dominant Delta variant, and India too has reported more than 30 such cases, Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir is reporting 100-200 positive cases every day. On Sunday, four people in Kashmir Valley lost their lives to the deadly virus. Thankfully no Omicron case has been detected so far in the UT, but the numbers of infected people are worrying. Though the vaccination drive is in full swing, Jammu and Kashmir, particularly Kashmir province, of late, has been reporting increased number of Covid-19 positive cases. The concerned district authorities have repeatedly been asking people to follow the SOPs in letter and spirit to contain the spread of the deadly virus. However, unfortunately some people have been ignoring the precautions result being the fresh surge in positive cases. Despite the constant counseling of health experts and directives and guidelines by the administration, people who violate SOPs are not only violating the rules, they are putting their lives, the lives of their dear ones and that of general public to risk. The increasing number of positive cases should awaken people. Winter is already here and normally this is the season when people are more at the risk of catching different kind of flues. So people need to be more vigilant to save themselves.

People need to understand that the virus is very much here and is remerging in different and tricky variants and despite the massive vaccination drive, it is going to stay and therefore following the SOPs is the only way to defeat it. At the moment, as per official records, out of daily positive cases, larger number is reported in Srinagar district alone. It is therefore necessary that people in Srinagar remain extra cautious to ensure that the place, God forbid, is not hit by the third wave. People need to adopt Covid-19 SOPs as a new normal because nothing will change immediately. Despite the vaccination drive, the virus is not going to vanish overnight and therefore taking extreme precautions is the only way to ensure safety from this invisible enemy. It is every individual’s responsibility to ensure that he/she helps in breaking the chain of infection and that is possible only if everyone adheres to ongoing SOPs. People have to behave as responsible citizens and understand that one who doesn’t follow the guidelines is doing utmost disservice to his/her own self, family and the society at large.

People of Kashmir have to understand that winters are the worst times for every kind of flue and therefore they have to take extra precautions to ensure that all the Covid-19 related guidelines are followed. While the authorities have launched a full-fledged vaccination campaign and more and more people are getting vaccinated, the SOPs still remain the only measure to defeat the virus.  People should not become complacent as the medical experts are continuously suggesting that even after getting vaccinated, following of SOPs is a must. Wearing masks, maintaining social distance and washing hands frequently are the new norms and people should prepare themselves to follow these for a longer period and it is peoples’ attitude that would help to keep this place safe from the new Omicron variant.


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