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Massive enrolment drive in Tangmarg sees students back in govt schools

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Tangmarg: A massive enrolment drive headed by Zonal Educational Officer (ZEO), Tangmarg saw about 800 students joining government schools in Tangmarg area after being counseled about the various flagship programmes.

The large number of student that came into the fold of government schools included children from various private schools, drop-outs and also out-of-school children who after consistent and sustained campaign led by the ZEO finally opted for the government schools.

It is pertinent to mention that teams of well qualified ZRC’s/CRC’s, under the guidance of senior teachers and the Zonal Educational Officer, have been organizing awareness programmes in different villages to inform the masses regarding various facilities offered by the government schools besides the highly professional teachers as well as the non- teaching staff. These awareness programmes are run for not only luring the drop-outs, the out-of-school children but also those students who opt for private schools considering the government schools as lesser of an option.

In this connection a mega drive was conducted at village Shrai of Tangmarg that saw many students joining the government schools. The awareness drive was led by the concerned ZEO and principal HSS Khaipora and ZRC/CRC teams.

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