Understanding Responsibilities

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It is the time to respond to our duties towards making our societies progressive in true sense

By: Syed Maajid Rashid Andrabi

 How often do we introspect to come to terms about the changing dynamics of our societies, which we are entirely responsible for? With the fast paced life wherein everyone is too busy for any task, it is very difficult to comprehend how our thought processing has evolved with the time. The daily affairs have changed immensely and our responsibilities have got multiplied manifold and therefore our outlook should also have been changed too.

In the quest for worldly benefits, everyone seems to be in mad rush to gain anything by whatever means they may satisfy their desires. This has fueled a sense of self centeredness which by no means is beneficial to anyone. We often find ourselves in precarious situations well outside our control which are a result of our own actions. We have crafted such a narration in our minds which makes us alien to some of the very common attributes. Quite disregarding the fact that we are socially interdependent on each other, we tend to choose or part ways instead of expanding our circle. Our association usually depends on our self benefitting motives.

We usually don’t deem to give as much importance to others as they should be given, for we have inadvertently stooped to such low levels that we don’t recognize our faults but want others to correct theirs. We have become so uninformed of our actions that we don’t co-relate them with the just and unjust practices to verify their ethical standards, just to avoid getting in a position where we might have to criticize ourselves for being on the wrong end. Astonishingly, we are indifferent to other’s sufferings, for we don’t consider it our duty to give a patient hearing to their issues thus, disrespecting them indirectly, instead of extending a helping hand in the time of their need. Those who do know how blissful it is to be of some help to any one, be it of any form.

People have become so obsessive these days that that they show different responses to the same situation depending on their mental state which is directly linked to their societal implications. Ironically we have associated respect with the financial status of a person. Not only the dignity of an individual gets compromised by this, but the social fabric of the society is also tarnished beyond repair. We have prioritized worldly luxuries over relationships and we strive to maintain only those associations which get along with our status leaving behind those which ought to be valued and cherished for lifetime. We fail to recognize the true worth of relations due to our inability to understand their real meaning and relevance in our lives. We have pushed our societies to the point that we may end up in creating differences rather than bridging gaps by our callous attitude which is so very prevalent these days.

Inspite of being educated, our behavior reflects something else. We aren’t able to make use of it to spread the light of reformation for the good of all but unfortunately we tend to find ways and means to belittle others thereby, downgrading ourselves by our own acts. For all reasons, it is necessary to be united and move ahead collectively, leaving no one behind because we all are unique in our capabilities to achieve milestones and when we collaborate with each other, we can do wonders. Our associations need to be strengthened by love and compassion. We need to be more humanly towards others and be realistic in our approach rather than naïve.

Our societies present a reflection of our traits. We need to look at our own actions which later on describe our principles. It all depends on us as to how well we nurture our value system to leave a long lasting impression on the generations to come, by which, they too would contribute in a positive manner. No matter how progressive we become, but if we lack the basic qualities which are quintessential to make our societies graceful, they are of no eminence.

It is imperative on all of us to have synchronization so that no one feels deprived of any amenity. Though our wishes are infinite, but we seldom take initialization in contributing something from our side. It is high time when we should start looking around to rectify the wrong doings and bring back the lost glory in our relations to make our lives happier and prosperous. It is our collective responsibility to make our societies worthwhile by fulfilling the prerequisites that are necessary to put them in order by supporting each other. We rise by lifting others. We need to be the reason for someone’s happiness to earn heavenly rewards.

The author is B.Tech-MBA and can be mailed at [email protected].

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