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Cong questions govt silence on veracity of ‘Galwan video’, says PM must ensure China is held accountable

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New Delhi: The Congress on Friday questioned the silence of the government on the veracity of a video which purportedly shows injured Indian soldiers in captivity of the Chinese and said if it is genuine, then Prime Minister Narendra Modi must ensure that China is held globally accountable for indulging in war crimes.

Addressing a press conference here, Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera said what is very disturbing to every single Indian is the video of Galwan that was released by the Chinese which shows “our brave heart soldiers injured and in captivity of the Chinese”.

“The silence by our government on the veracity of this video is mind-boggling. If this video is genuine, then by all standards, this would fall within the category of war crimes for which China is definitely liable for prosecution under the International Criminal Court,” he asserted.

“Instead of patting each other’s back, the Prime Minister and Home Minister of India should ensure that China is held globally accountable for indulging in war crimes against our brave hearts,” he said.

The government has so far not reacted to the video but BJP MP Subramanian Swamy tweeted, “If authenticated then it is a horrible sight and Modi government is heartless.”

“Why Modi government did not give any state honour ceremony to the Galwan battle dead? For Pulwana non battle deaths of CRPF jawans (the bus carrying them was blown up), there was nation wide mourning,” Swamy said.

Khera said China shamelessly objects to the Indian Vice President visiting Arunachal Pradesh, it enters 5 km into India’s sovereign territory along Barahoti crossing the Tun Jun La pass in Uttarakhand and destroys our border – military infrastructure, before going back.

Chinese incursions have been seen along the upper reaches of Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh, he said.

Noting that the 13th round of Corps Commander Level Meeting was held between both the Indian and Chinese militaries and there was no agreement coming out of it, Khera said this added to the extensive infrastructural build up along the Hotsprings region including a logistical facility, artillery units and an air defence base among others, poses a potential threat to India’s strategic interests in the northern sector.

“The implications of the Chinese incursions are extremely critical, especially when the PLA isn’t even open to discuss de-escalation in two extremely strategic and critical sectors for India — Depsang and Daulat Beg Oldi,” the Congress leader said.

He said that instead of talking big like the home minister of India did yesterday, answers are expected from whoever is running this government.

Posing questions to the government, he asked when will it respond to this verbal, geographic, military and strategic aggression of China.

Why is it that on one hand China is brazenly entering into Indian territory, releasing videos of its own misdeeds, and yet our trade with China goes up by a whopping 62.7 per cent, Khera asked and wondered what kind of diplomacy, politics and governance is this.

“You first ban some apps and then do business with the enemy? – Just this week a Chinese company was invited to invest Rs. 600 crores at the Integrated Industrial Township Greater Noida Limited (DMIC – IITGNL),” he alleged.

He also questioned the government as to what actions it proposes to take against China in light of this horrific video released by the Chinese.

“Why this business as usual approach towards an enemy? What are we doing to counter the threats to our country emanating from the recent developments in Afghanistan, in which the obvious gainers are Beijing and Islamabad,” Khera said.

Why are you tolerating all-round aggression from China and doing absolutely nothing about it, he asked and added that the nation demands answers from this “weak government”.

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