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Forest dept clarifies about abolition of posts of Forests Guards

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Srinagar: With reference to the news reports in connection with abolition of posts of Forest Guard in Forest, Ecology and Environment, it is to clarify that only the supernumerary posts have been abolished and none of the candidates engaged as “Rehbar-e-Janglat” is purported to be disengaged by virtue of Govt. Order No.: 99-JK(FSTF) of 2021, Dated:15.09.2021.

Vide the Govt. Order in question, 234 (Two Hundred Thirty Four) supernumerary posts of Forest Guard have been abolished owing to the accrual of equal number of regular vacancies as on 01.01 2021, due to retirements, and the latter have been set off to compensate for the supernumerary posts so abolished, as it was already laid down in the scheme guidelines that the supernumerary posts would be abolished and replaced by regular vacancies which would become available in due course of time.

Therefore, no ReJ has been disengaged contrary to what is being misreported and misquoted in some sections of the media. Hence the averments of disengagement of ReJs are misplaced and totally baseless.

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