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Voice of nation being crushed with ‘authoritarian system’: Rahul

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New Delhi: Asserting that the voice of nation is supreme, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has said that this voice has been “crushed with an authoritarian system” and the tragedy of politics today is its suppression.

In a video shared on the Congress’s social media handles on Friday, Gandhi talked about his father and former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s tours and interactions with people from various parts of the country.

“What I remember of my tours with my father was, what was driving the tour was not just connecting with people, it was actually trying to understand their needs and it was about listening to what they were trying to tell him,” the former Congress chief said in the about two-and-a-half minute video shot at the Rajiv Gandhi Photo Exhibition organised by the Indian Youth Congress recently.

He said Rajiv Gandhi’s tours were about constantly listening to people and suddenly making a connection with what they were saying to how it can be transformed with an instrument.

It was a journey where Rajiv Gandhi would go, listen and then go and look around to find instruments that can transform the voice of this nation that he was hearing, Rahul Gandhi said.

“There is this tremendous voice here, but it’s struggling to speak. Of course, that’s been magnified today, it’s not being allowed to speak, and it’s being crushed with monopoly capital, it’s been crushed with an authoritarian system,” he said..

“This voice is, call it God. There’s nothing more than this voice. It’s not a singular voice. It is millions and millions of voices that speak together, have huge power when they speak and a tremendous amount of nuance,” Gandhi said.

The Congress leader said the tragedy of politics of today is that, in a world of media, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, the voice of the nation is basically suppressed.

This is the second such video of Rahul Gandhi where he has talked about his father and his experiences with him.

In a video released Thursday, Gandhi had recalled his passion for flying planes just like his father Rajiv Gandhi, and said that he believes that being a pilot helps a lot in public life to be mindful of greater details and of the big picture.

‘Modi government harmful for employment’

New Delhi, Sep 3 (PTI) Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday said the biggest national issue is unemployment and alleged that the Narendra Modi government is “harmful for employment”.

Taking to Twitter, he posted a screenshot of a media report that cited data compiled by the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) to claim that over 15 lakh people in the country lost their jobs in August.

“The Modi government is harmful for employment. It does not promote or support any kind of business or employment not belonging to friends and instead is trying to snatch jobs from those who have them,” the former Congress chief alleged.

A pretense of self-reliance is expected from the people of the country, he said in his tweet in Hindi, adding, “issued in public interest”.

In another tweet, Gandhi said the biggest national issue is unemployment for which there are “some direct solutions — Don’t sell PSU-PSB, give monetary help to MSME, think about the country not friends”.

But the central government doesn’t want solutions, Gandhi added.

The Congress has been attacking the government over its handling of the country’s economy and flagging concerns over job losses, demanding corrective measures to boost employment. The government has dismissed the opposition party’s criticism and rebutted all allegations.

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