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Rahim Rather asks workers to scale up public contact

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Srinagar: The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Tuesday said that people of J&K are looking up to it for the restoration of their battered self-respect, political and constitutional rights.

This was, according to the NC Spokesperson, stated by Party’s senior leader and Former Legislature Abdul Rahim Rather while addressing a gathering of party’s workers of Block Pakharpura at Yusmarg.

The meeting saw huge participation of the party’s local functionaries. While addressing the workers, Rather said: “the party had foretold the repercussions of bringing anti-Kashmir forces into power during the run-up for 2014 state elections. He said the situations which enfolded afterward vindicated the party and also acted as an eye-opener for the people once for all.”

He said the dividends in the shape of development, employment and progress, which were achieved by the party decade after, have been revered by the forces which are inimical to Jammu and Kashmir. He added that the party had bequeathed a flourishing democratic system and institutions to the successive government but all that has been reduced to Ashes. “Every single visage of political dignity, unique status and constitutional position has been battered episodically since 2015,” he added.

He said that there are elements, which still want to sow the seeds of discord among the people of Jammu and Kashmir to add color to their nefarious designs. “Such forces are coming forward in the shape of different parties and individuals. Their sole mission is to disturb the unity among the masses led by the efforts of Dr Farooq sahib for the restoration of our pride. NC is fighting a multifront battle. On one hand, Dr Sahib is spearheading the PAGD for the restoration of our constitutional rights, on the other hand, the party has to salvage the people, especially the youth from the looming uncertainty in the region.  It is the active support of people, which keeps us going.  We all have to strengthen the fortress of NC if we want to guard the individuality and selfhood of Jammu and Kashmir. Only NC has the grit to take on the challenges confronting JK people,” he added.

Rather exhorted the workers to strengthen the party and take the party manifesto to every doorstep in the entire constituency. “Workers are the eyes, ears and hands of any party.  On one front we have to strive for an atmosphere, where the basic needs of our people including development and job creation are addressed. On the other front, it has to keep up its peaceful and constitutional fight for the restoration of peoples abridged rights.”

“Our party has long been associated with the real political aspirations of the people; people are looking towards us to protect JK’s cultural, social, political frontiers and cultural individuality as ever before. To achieve this goal, the party’s moves have to be marked by collectivism and better coordination at all levels,” he said.

“The task ahead requires the party workers, delegates, office bearers, and leaders to unite their efforts and converge their energies,” he added.

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