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Muskan Feroz – The emerging artist

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People are making it big in the field of art and with considerable training in classical art forms and modern techniques a blend of both is actually occupying the international art scene. But there are some people who are gifted and, without much formal education in the field, they begin exploring various possibilities for themselves. Such is the case with Muskan Feroz, a young student of 10th grade who has been trying her hands in the art of calligraphy and doing her parents proud.

When Muskan started calligraphy, she didn’t even know that it was an art form and after, by chance, seeing one of her teacher scribbling on a piece of paper got interested in this art form. She began her search for the art that she had witnessed and came to know that it is a visual art related to writing involving design and execution of lettering with a pen, ink brush, or other writing instrument. By this time she had set her focus and wanted to explore calligraphy for personal interest and satisfaction.

In just about a year, she became more interested and more focused and knew that modern calligraphy wasn’t confined to a few things and rather included functional inscriptions and designs to fine-art pieces where the letters may or may not be readable.

She had, once in a while, noticed beautiful calligraphy works during the months of Muharram and she didn’t know that it had stayed with her. When in 2020-21, the covid lockdown confined all within the boundaries of our houses, Muskan wanted her Calligraphy to flourish in the forms of Islamic writings, font design, typography, religious art and graphic design.

Studying in Higher Secondary School, Dalwan, Charari Sharief- her native village- she believes that it takes time, effort, and talent to make a name for oneself in the art world while maintaining that she would continue her tryst with calligraphy alongwith her formal studies. She doesn’t want to opt only art as of now and feels that even when the art scene in India is very exciting with plenty of new artists making it big, she would love it give it proper time.

For Muskan, calligraphy is satisfying, self motivational, fulfilling and also comforting. She is enthusiastic about calligraphy and wants to pursue it seriously. She is also happy that her parents are highly appreciative of her art and that they not only encourage her but want her to go on exploring this field.

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