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India became free in 1947 under very peculiar conditions as there were disturbances and tension among different castes and communities which was a handiwork of the British who had intentionally fomented it in order to maintain their hold over this vast country. This policy of divide and rule resulted in the disintegration of the nation and partition of the country which also highlighted the significance of national integration. Now that the history had taught its leaders and masses a bitter lesson, National Integration became a key concept for rebuilding the nation and India was aware that when a country lives on the margins of disintegration, it becomes an easy victim of assaults.

Besides other aspects of it, national integration is necessary for modernization and involves readjustment of the loyalties of the people. The values of tribal, feudal and parochial ethos give way to new ideas of a democratic and an evolving national society. Integration is thus a moment away from traditionalist allegiances and towards a modern allegiance- a moment for the establishment of a new national identity. National integration signifies a condition in diversity and presumes the existence and unity in diversity. Integration is not a process of conversion of diversities into uniformity, but a congruence of diversities leading to a higher level of unity in which both the varieties and similarities are maintained.

The importance of National integration in any state is very important as it helps to stabilize democracy, increase the economic growth, develop the nation and guarantee people their rights and duties.

The importance of National Integration in a country like India increases manifold seeing and cultural differences, it plays a very crucial role in Modern Times especially in a country like India which is still on developing track. National Integration makes. a country resilient by uniting its citizen’s with a single thread of brotherhood and nationalism. If a country is integrated by its people, it becomes tough for a foreign force to disintegrate it. We have seen many incidents of riots in the country in past years, and these incidents are a threat to social and cultural integrity of a nation, these issues also pose a big hurdle in the path of country’s development. National Integration is the only thing which could stabilize the development of a country and add value to its social and cultural Status.

Indian population consists of various people who stay together but still have some contradicting thoughts, opinions and practices. If the country fails to implement national unity, these issues can destroy the peace and overall growth of the society and tarnish the image of the nation. National disintegration might become a significant cause for the national crisis and in order to avoid past like incidents, we must work together as one unit to ensure our national integrity. India has people from various religious communities, ethnic and linguistic backgrounds and integration in such a scenario can only be achieved when all the communities live peacefully and appreciate each other’s practices.

India is an independent and sovereign nation and it is up to its people to maintain national integration and discourage local as well as foreign trouble makers who might have dangerous designs to destabilize the nation. It is essential to ensure higher unity which can be achieved changing the minds of the people and recognizing that they all belong to one nation and must never disintegrate due to any reason. We must stay together as a single unit and move forward like a strong independent and sovereign country. Mahatma Gandhi is aptly pointed it out stating that, “our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and test of our civilization.”

The writer is a student of Political Science and History. email:[email protected]

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