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Peer Baba Day celebrated at Machhal Garrison

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Srinagar: Peer Baba Day was celebrated at Machhal Garrison on 11th August 2021 in which villagers of Macchal, Dapbal and Pushwari attended in large numbers.

“This year the Peer Baba Dargah was renovated by the collaborative efforts of Rashtriya Rifles and the villagers and this celebration was organized to mark the culmination of the efforts,” PRO (Defence) Srinagar.

“Machhal Dargah came into existence in the year 1965. During that period, Machhal was deprived of any cultivation land and the crop produce was also very minimal. On 11 Aug 1965, a village elder Mohd Sohail Shah offered his prayers at the shrine and sought blessings for the well-being of the village. Subsequently, the village received good crop produce and faith in the shrine was restored for the locals. Since Mohd Sohail Shah had visited the Dargah on 11 Aug and the day marks end of sufferings for the villagers, 11 Aug is celebrated as Macchal Peer Baba Day in this valley,” the PRO said.

“The Dargah of Peer Baba is visited by people of all faiths. On every Thursday, the day before Juma prayer, people come to seek blessings of Peer Baba. The people of this area earnestly believe that Peer baba is their protector. Also, troops of Rashtriya Rifles visit the shrine and offer prayers on every Thursday,” he said.

“On 11 Aug 21, the villagers visited the shrine along with soldiers and offered prayers for the prosperity and good will of Machhal Valley and the Awaam. Children also attended the function and sweets were distributed to all at the end,” he added.

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