Murderers should face the music

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The murder of a Sarpanch and his wife in Anantnag on Monday has once again exposed the ugly face of terrorism. The Sarpanch, who was affiliated with BJP, Ghulam Rasool Dar and his wife Jawahira were killed at a rented accommodation at Lal Chowk in Anantnag town. Though the killings have been condemned widely and almost all political parties have expressed shock over the incident, time has come that Kashmiris as a society raise their voice against such barbaric acts. Killing people for their political and ideologies and affiliations is the worst form of terrorism. Such attacks are indicative of only one reality – those behind these attacks can never be friends of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. They are the enemies and therefore should be named and shamed. Police need to gear up and identify the killers, arrest them so that they face the justice system and pay for their wrong doing. Though those who lost their lives will not come back neither the grief of their families could be lessened, but by getting the killers to face the law of the land would help these families to get the much desired justice.

Those who are on this killing spree are trying to drag Kashmir back to the dirty violence. It is share madness and nobody can approve such crimes. If killing people for political and ideological differences becomes a norm then everyone would be hunting for everyone. The world will become a murderous field and no one will have any safety and security. Those who have killed the husband-wife duo have neither helped the society nor their own selves. They have not taken the lives of two humans but have devastated the whole family and earned for themselves the hellfire hereafter.

Violence has no religion, it has no ethics or principles. It can only kill and destroy. Those who are indulging in violence or propagating violent ideologies need to understand that Allah has not created this world for death and destruction. He created a special specie – humans – with the intension that this specie will beautify his world with love and compassion. The murderers are brazenly and shamelessly trying to negate Allah’s plan. Fact of the matter is that they will never succeed in their designs. The society has to wake up and raise its voice against the violence. The gunmen involved in these murders are the ones who have brought all kinds of miseries to the people of Kashmir. They have disturbed the social fabric here and created an atmosphere of insecurity all over. Such mindless and senseless murderers have no place in any civilized society and therefore should be identified and arrested so that they face the justice system of the country. Kashmir society has to break its silence. People have to understand that such killings are serving no purpose and in fact are becoming an existential threat to the very survival of the society. We have lost thousands of precious lives to the mad violence and the continuation of this violence is in no way going to help the help. Time is ripe that people say a categorical no to this unacceptable culture of violence.

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