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COVID positive cases declining but 2nd wave not over yet: Experts

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Caution against not following COVID-appropriate behavior

Srinagar: In view of decrease in number of COVID positive cases, the medical practitioners have warned against resorting to lackadaisical attitude vis-à-vis adherence of COVID-appropriate behaviour, saying that this can lead to inception of the 3rd wave.

“Currently on an average SHMS Hospital admits eight to ten COVID patients,” said Dr Hardeep Singh, Professor of Medicine, Government Medical College (GMC) Srinagar, while stating that the 2nd COVID wave has not ended yet, although its severity and the number of positive cases have slumped.

Dr Singh said that the change in the behavior of people regarding the observance of COVID-appropriate behaviour and related SOPs is highly scary. He asked people not to violate SOPs and not to lower the guard as 2nd Covid wave continues to infect people.

He advised people to wear face masks, maintain social distance at every place, use sanitizers and avoid gathering or rush. He also impressed on maintaining proper ventilation at homes and isolation of infected members in a family.

While cautioning against inappropriate behavior, he said disregard to SOPs will be very dangerous as it will help new emerging COVID variants to spread and infect the people.

He said new wave can emerge at any time and the non-observance of SOPs provides time to the virus for mutation and formation of new variants. The mutation increases infection and contagious power of the virus which may increase the chances of death of an infected person.

“If people follow Covid protocols, then the third wave can be avoided,” said Dr Singh.

He further said that double dose vaccination is a defense against the COVID infection. “Any person who is fully vaccinated has the least chance of getting ill with coronavirus,” he said and added that if any such person gets infected still the patient has nothing to worry as those patients will recover at home.

Dr Singh asked people to get vaccinated to defeat the virus and save precious lives.

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