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The horrors of Covid19- I have lived it all!

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'Indelible Black Marks

BY: Kulpreet Singh

The irreparable loss of lives, the anger and misery suffered by millions of people, the long queues of the dead bodies, waiting for the last rites the lack of space in crematoriums, many bodies burning on a single pyre, I have lived it all.

Volunteered help in the hospital, helped in burning bodies in the crematorium, and these works are an expression of the unforgettable pain and havoc left by Covid-19 Pandemic. For days I was at the cremation grounds – collected ashes of the people gone and was impelled to keep their mortal remains alive through these works.

The ash of the dead which left there I brought back that ash and used it with charcoal. It will be a witness  to the pain of this time. I isolated myself for 14 days in residency and continue with same work.

The dots are the uncountable number of people who departed suddenly.

As if this was not enough the fractured social fabric rained further misery by turning the situation into a money making opportunity and the political class was not far to be left behind in scoring points for themselves. And it pained me no end.

The works ‘Indelible Black Marks’ are the outcome of the outcome of the peaceful protests turning violent and resulting in those unforgettable losses and experiences by the use of sticks and stones, and water-cannons, be it the rioters or the political dispensation. These works were executed through live performances in order to awaken the conscience of those involved. Cotton cloth, black ink, sticks, stones and water canons were the medium used. Small to medium to very big works were created through performances of large groups and public participation.

For the display I used the damaged wall of the studio to highlight the fragile nature of the visible world and its transience.

I am grateful to Pannadwar Studio in the picturesque surroundings and  IPEP India, Mr. Rajesh Pullarwar and Mr. Sanjay Kumar who extended every possible support amd made this show possible.

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