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Vaccination of entire population will inhibit severity of ‘third Covid-19 wave’: Expert

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Srinagar: Not only its severity and impact, but the possibility of the third wave of Covid-19 could even be prevented or suppressed by ensuring cent percent vaccination of the entire population, says a public health consultant Dr Abdul Rouf.

“The strategy of vaccination of the entire population must be implemented properly without leaving behind any eligible individual,” the doctor said while emphasizing on the importance of vaccination.

“This will increase the defence mechanism against new infection in the body and nullify chances of catching virus again,” he said while elaborating on the benefits of vaccination.

Accoprding to an official press release, he said that if all the adults in a family get vaccinated, the chances of children getting infected is highly unlikely as vaccinated parents become a shield for the children.

He also maintained that ‘infodemics’ need to be curbed as they induce fear and vaccination phobia among the people. He advised the educated people to cross-check the source of news from the Google to ascertain veracity of content of news which will help them not to fall for fake stories.

He said that the research regarding the Covid vaccination for children is being conducted in many countries and added that if vaccination for children is allowed in near future, then the process shall be taken on priority basis. This, he said, will protect children from the deadly disease.

“The data regarding the second wave shows adults as well as children have developed immunity against the virus and children remained mostly unaffected except some children with co-morbid diseases. However, the intensity of the third wave and its adverse impact depends on the mutation of coronavirus and behavior of new variants vis-a-vis propagation and severity of the infection,” Dr Rouf explained.

Moreover, he said that people need to bring about behavioral changes in themselves like developing the habit of wearing masks and washing of hands frequently. “This will protect us, in case we may have to live with Covid for a few more years,” he added.

Dr Rouf also rejected the claims of some people regarding feeling suffocation while wearing masks, saying that there was an advisory for wearing double-mask and it is not appropriate to make such excuses.

Public health consultant said that he has been working with Covid patients for one-and-half years and yet he never got infected by Covid because of vaccination and observance of Covid SoPs, particularly wearing of masks.

He emphasized that the Covid guidelines issued by the government time and again like maintenance of physical distance, wearing of masks and washing of hands with soap, shall have to be followed without any lethargy.

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