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Progress must not be at cost of environment: Dr Farooq Abdullah

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Srinagar: The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference Party President and Member of Parliament Srinagar, Dr. Farooq Abdullah, in his message on World Environment Day said that the Nation’s progress must not be at the cost of the environment, stressing on meeting human development goals in integration with environmental ethics and sustainability.

In his message, Dr. Farooq said that that reckless human activity in the form of deforestation, water and air pollution and overuse of natural resources has imperilled the natural balance in the global environment and that Jammu and Kashmir has not escaped the global pattern triggering extinction of various species by the wanton adulteration of our lakes and springs with plastic and other adulterants. “All natural aspects of life in Kashmir have been ingeniously affected by the impact of reckless greed of human beings. We all have to inculcate environmental ethics in ourselves and in the coming generations. Since we live in a place having immense tourism potential, therefore, it becomes more imperative for all of us, particularly the young, to keep our environs clean. We in our individual capacity can contribute to protecting our fragile and landlocked environment by stopping improper waste disposal, abandonment of plastic usage, using water and electricity judiciously,” he said.

“We as individuals should not wait for the government to take action; good parenting and schooling, the edification of community and religious leaders come into play. The theme of this year’s world environment day is ecosystem restoration. It goes without saying that with healthy ecosystems people’s livelihoods can enhance. The crumbling of one ecosystem will have an impact on the other. All of them are interlinked. The saying “Food will survive only till forests survive” of our revolutionary patron saint and history’s earliest conservationist Hazrat Sheikh Noor Ud din Noorani (RA)  gains much relevance in today’s world; Governments on their part to have a bigger responsibility to strike a balance between development and protection of ecosystems,” he added.

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