Paying tributes to Covid warriors

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As the number of Covid-19 positive cases and related deaths has started coming down, the section of the society that needs to be saluted is that of Covid warriors. Doctors, nurses other medical staff and also the ground workers of social welfare department besides teachers who are deputed for Covid related jobs. The health workers —doctors, nurses, aides, laboratory technicians, helpers, Anganwari workers, peons, and so on—have been on toes since the pandemic struck the world January last year. They have rightly been declared Covid warriors as against all odds they are working hard in these times of crisis. While performing their duties, many of these warriors have lost their lives, the lives of their dear ones in the entire country, Kashmir being no exception. On one hand these health workers have to perform their normal duties and on the other, they have cater to the needs of Covid infected patients. Besides treating patients in hospitals and other Covid designated centres, these warriors are also proving people online and telephonic consultations. As J&K’s health sector is already understaffed, with the surge in Covid-19 cases, the authorities here have barred doctors, nurses and other paramedical staff from going on leave. Thus these Covid warriors have to be available 24X7 to fight the battle against the deadly virus.

These warriors are now under constant pressure from last more than a year and are thus strained physically, emotionally as well as psychologically. Since the pandemic has not shown any fading signs, the big question that faces the administration and the society is that how long these health workers be able to sustain the pressure of an unprecedented situation? Most of the doctors and other medical staff revealed that they have already started noticing symptoms of depression and fatigue and therefore it is responsibility of the authorities as well as the common people to take care of them properly. There have been some unfortunate incidents while patients or the attendants have been seen misbehaving with doctors and other medical staff. Such attitude is uncalled for and should be condemned by one and all. On administrative front, the authorities should have a robust and efficient hospital management in place that understands and appreciates the troubles and traumas of the medical staff and ensures that they are provided with all the facilities and their duty roasters are framed in such a way that every staff member gets ample time to have the requisite rest. It is welcome that the government has ordered special initiatives for all the medical staff engaged in fight against Covid-19 but fact of the matter is that it is not all about money. What our doctors and other medical staff are doing is beyond monetary considerations. They are doing it as they treat it their responsibility and no very well that their society needs their services more than ever.  It is responsibility of the society and the authorities to recognize their services. The best tributes to these Covid warriors is that people of the Union Territory follow strictly the Covid SOPs to stop the spread of the virus and thus lessen the burden of these warriors.

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