Some good news, finally!

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The reports suggesting that Shopian and Ganderbal districts have achieved the 100 percent target of vaccinating people above the age of 45 years is both encouraging and inspiring. It is encouraging to see people doing away with the vaccine hesitancy and coming forward to get a jab and this positive attitude is undoubtedly going to inspire other to follow the suit. Thousands and thousands of the people have got infected during the second wave of Covid-19 and thousands have lost their lives. The virus is playing havoc with the lives of the people all over, Kashmir being no exception. While the administration has imposed Covid restrictions to stop the spread of pandemic and peoples’ response too has been, by and large satisfactory, the only other was to defeat the virus is to go for vaccination. Anti-science and anti-logic people are trying their best to create confusion about the vaccines and nefarious rumours are being spread to discourage people from getting vaccinated. In this back drop, the people as well as the district administrations of Shopian and Ganderbal have set an example. They have decided to side with science and logic and have not only ensured their own safety but have become an example for others as well.

Taking a cue from the people of these two districts, one would now expect all the people in all districts above the age group of 18 to gear up for the vaccination drive. The governments, all over India, have decided to launch massive vaccination drive for all the citizens above 18 years and Jammu and Kashmir government too is following the suit. As a big relief to the people of Jammu and Kashmir, the Lt Governor administration has decided that Covid-19 vaccination will be administered free of cost for people aged between 18-45 years as the cost will be borne fully by the J&K government. While controversies all over the country have erupted over the pricing of the vaccines, there is no such issue facing Jammu and Kashmir following administrations’ decision.

Vaccination is the only tool at the moment that has the potential to break the curve of the deadly Covid-19 surge and save the lives of people. Therefore people in Kashmir need to shun vaccine hesitancy and come forward to take the jab. The Union Territory administration has launched a massive vaccination drive and at the moment there is no shortage of vaccine doses. The people need not to heed to the unfounded rumours spread through social media sites and behave as responsible citizens with a scientific temperament. The Union Territory administration should ensure that vaccines are available in good number and that the entire J&K achieved the 100 percent target of vaccinating people above the age of 18 years.

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