No nonsense, only science please!

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Though we live in the age of science, Covid-19 pandemic has exposed some serious weaknesses within the humankind. Science has revolutionized the world and eased the human lives. However, during the pandemic, it was observed, particularly in this part of world, there are elements who try to do anything and everything to negate science. In Nicolaus Copernicus detailed his radical theory of the universe in which the earth, along with the other planets, rotated around the sun. He was ridiculed by the society and it too humankind more than a century to accept the concept. Centuries have passed since but even today there are elements in the society who are hell bent to negate science. With the outbreak of Covid-19, one of the earliest claims for its treatment came from Baba Ramdev. Baba Ramdev is the leading Baba who is also close to the ruling dispensation. His company launched Coronil, as a cure of Corona. In the beginning it was claimed that it has got WHO approval, later the claim was diluted to say that it has been made as per WHO guidelines. The claim was made that within seven days the disease will be cured. Last one year has seen so many claims coming up for treatment of the dreaded pandemic. The Ayush ministry advised the application of sesame oil/coconut oil/cow ghee on the nostrils. Some came up with the idea of steam inhalation. Bhopal BJP MP, Pragya Singh Thakur claimed that consumption of Cow urine is protecting her from Corona. BJP, Madhya Pradesh Culture Minister Usha Thakur claimed that performing of Fire ritual; Havan; will protect us from the disease.

In Jammu and Kashmir, rumours were spread regarding the vaccination. While some claimed that it impacted the fertility among the men, others came up with conspiracy theories that in the longer run it infects the people more. The rumours triggered vaccine hesitancy and thus not the expected number of people got vaccinated in the first phase. Though the science has tried to evolve methods to search for truth through the elaborate methods, what was seen here all through this period were statements and actions which were based on faith or common sense. This unscientific nonsense has had its toll on lives here. Those who don’t follow the Covid-19 SOPs too are hell bent against the science. While the same people proudly use the luxuries of science like air travel, internet etc., when it comes to pandemics and researches and expertise of scientists, they tend to ignore the same. Indian Constitution wants the state to promote scientific temper as a matter of policy. It is need of the hour that the government at the Centre and in States and UTs promote scientific temper among the people and discourage the nonsense that is being spread to befool ordinary people.

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