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Celebrating the angel in our lives!

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By: Aafreen Mushtaq

There is no other person to love and to cherish and to care for us as unconditionally as our mothers do. Our mothers try to shield us from all harm and help us in however way they can and, for our incredible mothers, we celebrate a day every year in their honor. On this day, we express our emotions of gratitude and love for them.

It is an occasion which makes people remember the importance and significance of mothers in their life and is observed as a day to give special emphasis to the motherly figures around the World. The occasion is celebrated in various parts of the world to express respect, honor, and love towards mothers and is a little tribute to the angels who do whatever they can for the betterment of their children. The day is an event to honor the contribution of mothers, acknowledge the efforts of maternal bonds and the role of mothers in our society.

Although, different countries celebrate the occasion on different dates, the common months of the celebrations are March or May. Mother’s Day is a similar effort like other celebrations and the aim is to celebrate the living angel in our life who easily handles everything in the house and also takes care of several other aspects of our lives. She is probably one of those few people who I can blindly trust. As many say that mothers are the supreme creation of God, for they hold a bit of God in themselves.

This day is often celebrated and commemorated in schools but since the COVID-19 scenario, we are left to celebrate the occasion individually at our homes and to pass on to our mothers this message of great reverence that we have for them. It is the occasion to take a step forward and announce you admiration and your acknowledgement for this angel of a being who has stood with us in think and think and in all circumstances no matter she liked it or not!

We know that due to the Covid pandemic, many children are away from their homes, many among the family and friends have tested positive for the virus and are either in hospitals or in isolation. Many mothers are struggling for their lives in the hospitals and many children are separated from their parents due to the virus.  I think of them all and pray on this special occasion to the entire human race. Let no child remain cutoff from mothers and let no mother yearn and long for a sight of her children-Aamen!

Those of us who are lucky to have our mothers with us must try to give our mothers some rest from their daily chores, and we must also give them handmade gifts like cards or some craft that we already made secretively.

The writer is a class 10th student and can be reached at [email protected]










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