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Experts warn again using steroids without doctor’s advice

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Jammu: Most of the Covid-19 patients fall under ‘mild’ category and they do not need oxygen support at all. Regular check of oxygen saturation levels and taking appropriate medicines is enough for such patients to recover, says Senior Resident Doctor, Department of Internal Medicine, GMC Jammu, Dr Rajesh Minia, while dispelling the panic and urge to hoard oxygen cylinders by the public.

Explaining the types of Covid-19 patients, Dr Minia says that they are of three types – mild, moderate and severe. “While most of the patients are of mild category and can recover easily, it is only the moderate and severe cases which need special care and treatment,” he informed.

Dr Minia advised all patients to regularly check their oxygen saturation levels and get alerted only if the levels fall below 93. If such severe level is reached, he says, that patients should contact a doctor immediately.

He also urged the public, especially the mild category patients, to  not take steroids unnecessarily and without doctor’s advice.

“Önly an expert doctor can diagnose better, especially in case a patient has other diseases in addition to Covid infection,” he informed.

He also requested the public to not hoard oxygen cylinders unnecessarily, thereby causing shortage for the needy.

Dr Rajesh Minia also requested the patients to take doctors’ advice seriously, follow Covid-preventive protocols and make way for severe patients by not occupying Covid-care beds against doctors’ advice.

He informed that a round-the-clock Divisional Control Room has been established to address all medical advice and queries and can be reached at 0191-2520982, 2549676, 2674444, 2674115, 2674908.

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