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‘THE MIDNIGHT SILENCE’- A garland decorated with precious pearls!

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By: Sufaya yousf

‘The Midnight Silence’ is a poetry collection by a young writer ‘Faheem ul Islam’ who has shown great maturity of thought and poetic brilliance in the book which is very close to human experiences and emotions. The collection definitely has a huge impact of the motherland and the various shades and shadows that the writer has grown up with and experienced firsthand. The emotionally of the verses connects the reader with the experience of the poet and draws a beautiful and moving impact on ones memory.

The title of the book is precisely suited to the collection of poems as the poems reverberate powerful silence, the silence like the silence of midnight. The poet has expressed various moods and nuanced understanding of the happenings around him and has given a beautiful expression to such feelings with beautifully suited words. It is definitely a good poetry collection that one must not miss.

The poet has merged deep in the life and its truth, its happenings, struggles, in the uncertainty of it and has attempted to give voice to silent emotions and feelings. He has sung the songs of fortune and misfortune, the miseries and miracles. It’s hard to understand the poet by reading the collection randomly, one needs dive deep in his poetry, feel every bit of it to understand the situation and listen what he wants to convey.

Faheem ul Islam is a talented writer with a positive attitude. He is from Pulwama district and currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree at Aligarh Muslim University. He always encourages youth with his soulful writings and writes both in English and Urdu as well. He also knows how to make a place in the hearts of his readers that is why his first book touches the sky and achieved National Award “Rashtra Prerna 2020” and also featured in “Indian book of records 2020” besides being nominated for various precious awards.

He is an iconic youth and portrayed these beautiful and inspirational writings in an artistic manner. The poems in this book are like beautiful and precious diamonds decorated in a garland. The positivity in this book is infectious and this book truly inspires us to love creative works and also go on reading such nice poetry. It is a true gift for the readers.

In order to fathom the verses of a poet, let your heart be a listener, as every single verse, every word has something magical to say.

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