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By: Dr. Shazia Shafi

Are you feeling distressed, anxious and isolated? Are you feeling emotionally vulnerable? Are you wondering day in and day out is there no end to this suffering? Are you worried for your parents’ and your kids’ well-being?

Well, so is everyone!

First thing, feeling all this is absolutely normal. That is how a normal human mind reacts to extreme, unpredictable stress.

Acknowledging that there is a problem is a sign of functional mind but how well you deal with it is a sign of healthy mind.

Here are a few things to practice to help you sail through these testing times:

  1. Self Care
  • Eat healthy to boost your immunity
  • Exercise, have a daily routine within the safe premises of your home.
  • Groom yourself for yourself, when you look good you feel good
  • Sleep well, your body needs good sleep
  1. Spiritual Healing

The One who got us to it, will get us through it too.

  • Recite Quran Sharief or the holy book you believe in.
  • Practice meditation
  1. Stay Connected

By all means avoid gatherings, but connect with your family and friends on phone, video calls, online groups. You can do online debates and group activities too.

  1. Revive an old hobby
  • Utilise your time well, you might never get so much free time ever so do the things you loved but had no time for e.g gardening, cooking, writing that article, organising your home.
  1. Stop overloading yourself with too much information

Stop watching too much of news channels. What you need to know about Covid, you already know. Rest leave it up to doctors and researchers to do their job.

Don’t keep a count of how many new cases surfaced and how many deaths took place. Trust in Allah’s plan and pray.

  1. Don’t Panic

Panic and fear impairs judgement. Having a calm mind is an asset. Be a calming force around your family & friends. A positive cycle will form & will help us get through these times.

Follow the SOP’s, the guidelines religiously. Encourage and educate people to Mask up and Vaccinate. Stop the rumour mills from running. Have faith in almighty, have faith in science.

This too shall pass!



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