300K plus cases and counting

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India on Friday recorded a single-day rise of 3, 32, 730 new coronavirus infections and a record 2, 263 new fatalities. The entire country is grasping for a breath as the health infrastructure, which has already been under scrutiny, has collapsed and scared and helpless citizenry has been pushed to the wall. The number of Covid-19 positive cases is alarmingly increasing with every passing day and so are the deaths due to the infection. Hospitals are lacking beds and oxygen and social media is abuzz with helpless cries of the infected wanting help to survive. The country has turned into a vast cremation ground where one only sees smoldering pyres spread all over. The Covid warriors – doctors and para-medics – are busy 24/7 to deal with the crisis but their hands are tied. They are helpless as they are in no position to provide oxygen to the needy. The pandemic has thrown life out of gear and the second wave has proved to be more ruthless, deadly and brutal.

In Jammu and Kashmir too the situation is worsening with every passing day. From 60 to 70 positive cases per day in February-March, the tally has crossed 2000. Corona related deaths too are being reported every day. Though the crisis here is still manageable, but the way the virus is spreading its tentacles all over India, both the authorities and the public should do every bit possible to keep it manageable. Our health sector is already in a shambles and a little bit extra burden would result into catastrophe. While the administration should prepare itself for any future crisis and thus take steps to store the oxygen, it should also take all the private hospitals into confidence so that these remain handy in case the situation taken some ugly turn. The heads of concerned health institutions should apprise the Lt Governor administration about the availability of beds and oxygen on daily basis instead of presenting all goody-goody picture.

People on their part have to understand the gravity of the situation. There is no further scope for even a bit of complacency. This is a war which the governments can’t fight without the full cooperation of the public. People have to realize that the death in the shape of coronavirus is floating in the air keen to grab whosoever it can. Covid-19 SOPs are a must. People have to decide to stay at home as much as they can and move out only when there is no other option left. While out, they need to avoid crowds and ensure that they are fully masked all the time they are outside their homes. People have be mindful of the crude reality that in Jammu and Kashmir the health sector is too fragile to bear further burden and thus if the infection spreads more, people would be face to face with horrible situation. Whatever reasons behind the fresh surge – melas, yatras, electioneering and public’s complacency – time of making accusations and allegations is over. These all issues will be accounted for once people survive this dangerous wave so to survive should be the priority number one and for that people have to make a decision, a decision to defeat Covid-19 by following all the prescribed precautions.


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