Changing with the changing scenarios

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The mankind witnessed an unprecedented, worldwide pandemic that has left tremendous impact on human behavior, psyche as well as the outlook. Since it was a global pandemic, countries learnt from each other and exchanged knowledge with regards to the measures necessary for staying safe and containing the COVID‐19. As a result, physical distancing, quarantine measures wearing of masks, using sanitizers and frequent hand washes etc were mandated. It is only after nearly a year that government are now planning to open up institutions and other sectors that involve multiple people working together  in a guarded manner.

Like other sectors, the pandemic has badly hit education sector across the globe even though  it also introduced new ways and means that could be adopted in order to stay in tune and reach out to the student community without physical contact. The institutions were closed from March 2020 which was followed by a prolonged lockdown and only recently governments across the globe are slowly and cautiously opening the education institutions.

Apart from the fact that the pandemic exposed us to a large number of fragilities, we also saw how new technology could help in such scenarios and bring us together on a single platform. We saw the online classes, webinars etc being introduced and people activity participating in such mediated ventures.

There is no denying of the fact that technology is becoming a remedy for the pandemic that has eaten into the vitals of society at large including our educational institutions, especially elementary were,  one wonders as to how online system can compensate the foundational education which can only happen in a classroom and under the active supervision of a trainer or a teacher. Online education has been quite helpful for college going students and university grads. But same cannot be said about young children who definitely need more care, more attention and more engagement in a real, non virtual setting.

The Primary standard education has suffered to a much greater extent and the second wave of the pandemic is again challenging us and staring us in the face. The governments as well as administrations must make all possible measures to ensure that children are engaged in real setting- a classroom, a school, a home school in case there are any chances of a new lockdown. It goes without saying that no one would risk his/her child’s health, but there are ways and means to ensure that children are handled in a infection free ambience after ruling out any chances of contaminations

Most of the informed opinions suggest that we may have to live with covid19 unless and until the development of a highly effective vaccine. So, as of now, all that can be done is to ensure physical distance, wearing of masks, use of sanitizers and the current vaccine that is available. Given these parameters, the schools should be strictly made to adhere to such guidelines and, as is now a routine, students’ must come in two shifts, while adhering to SOPS. That might be the key to dealing with covid19 crisis.

Efforts focused on containment and mitigation across the globe have definitely yielded some results and continue to do so unless there are careless attitudes among the masses that cause a dent to the overall success rate of containing the virus.  So, most of the sectors, including businesses, public offices as well as institutions relied on adopting digital technology so as to ensure that the virus doesn’t spread. It is clear that precautions are the main weapon to fight the pandemic and in regards to educational institutions, we must also adhere to such standards and try ensuring that our children are safe when they are in the schools.



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