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Frumpy look can cause inferiority complex

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The inferiority complex among school going children can have a very negative impact on mental health which is the heart of academic achievements

By: Javed A Mir

Inferiority complex is a chronic feeling of inadequacy resulting in the belief that one is someway lesser mortal than others. It causes an individual to be prone to flashy outward display with behaviour ranging from attention seeking to excessive competitiveness and aggression. It occurs when the feeling of lowliness intensifies in the individual through discouragement or failure. School going children are prone to develop this complex if their appearance is shabby, self esteem is low or they have a low status in their peer groups. God has created us equal so we have no right to discriminate neither can we manipulate somebody’s seat of intelligence, but we can only guide them to a logical and conclusive direction.

Government has done wonders in fulfilling the primary biological need in the shape of Mid Day Meal but mental health of government school children is taken faintly. Free uniform given to government school children is sluggish which made our students think that they are the children of lesser God or a neglected lot. We have been witnessing a feeling of inadequacy in our children because when they leave for school in the morning they start comparing themselves with other students in good uniform having good look. They start developing inferiority complex which puts question mark on their academic achievements. If this is considered obedience or submission then we are living in fool’s paradise. This culture of inferiority complex is being fertilised to a great extent by the society and higher ups which results in pushing our children into deep dark pit of self pity. A victim of inferiority complex can never be humble but can only have false modesty.

The inferiority complex among school going children is a big concern which need to be addressed at all levels. It can have a very negative impact on mental health which is the heart of academic achievements. When the cognitive processes of a child stop flowing, the physiological processes of child get effected. According to World Health Organisation a person is supposed to be fit when his/her physical, psychological, emotional and social domains are balanced. Child is the nucleus of education system and his/her mental health acts as a power house. If we let this complex grow then we are not far away from the day when we see emergence of a hostile, neurotic and aggressive generation. Anxiety and depression will be a common reaction.

Alfred Adler, a great psychologist of this field is of the opinion that inferiority complex is one of the contributory factors of some unhealthy childhood behaviour. Individuals with these complexes have higher tendency towards self concealment which in turn results in an increase in loneliness and decrease in happiness. Let us all stand up to transmute the physical appearance of government school children by changing their shabby and sluggish stuff of this uniform into an attractive and modest looking one.

The writer is a government teacher and can be reached at [email protected]

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