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Apni Party aghast over ration curtailment in Srinagar

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CAPD making people suffer for want of Aadhar enrollment: Noor Mohammad Sheikh

SRINAGAR: Apni Party District President Srinagar Noor Mohammad Sheikh on Wednesday raised concerns over the slapdash curtailment of ration in District Srinagar. He said that the situation that has emerged after the arbitrary curtailment in ration is drastic all over the valley.

“The people have to face extreme hardships in satiable ration procurement and the directorate of the food supplies department seems in deep slumber,” Sheikh said.

He said that Food Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Department Kashmir has resorted to arbitrary decision making while acting impervious to the pleas and the demand of the people living in the valley.

“Many people have approached our party office expressing their deep resentment over recent curtailments in ration quota by FCS&CA department. The people are being asked for Aadhar enrollment which will take months until then there should exist a road map with the concerned department to fulfill the monthly ration needs of the people,” he said.

Sheikh said that incessant curtailments in the ration quota have created a sense of alienation among the people across the Kashmir valley especially in Srinagar district. “Thrusting formalities out of the blue without issuing any prior advisory for the same has caused immense inconveniences to the people at large,” he regretted.

“I urge the Lt. Governor of Jammu and Kashmir to kindly look into the ration curtailment issue as it merits immediate consideration. The people are suffering and redressal of their grievances is a primary obligation for those in authority,” Sheikh concluded.


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