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Presenting the Best Way to Kill Yourself: Smoke Away

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After smoking, numerous infections, diseases and a cocktail of toxins degenerate your body, eventually leading to an early death. However, until then, what it brings forth is way painful than loss of life. You could be a regular smoker, a chain smoker, or a social smoker; categories don’t matter. What does is your blasphemous ability to ruin the life you have been gifted with!

Regular smokers, on an average, smoke about 20 cigarettes a day while chain smokers don’t care about any number. Social smokers, on the other hand, indulge in smoking 1 to 20 cigarettes per week. They prefer smoking at family gatherings, when meeting with friends, or when they are out clubbing. Social smoking is often accompanied by consumption of alcohol.

As per a study conducted in the UK, it was found that most people, including teenagers and young adults, prefer smoking after downing alcohol, signifying drinking alcohol usually precedes social smoking.

And why should it not!

Capability of such drinks to lower mental faculties of any person, young or old, is tremendous. The most common excuse of a social smoker is, ‘I can’t be addicted to something am not habitually involved in’. The situation is actually the complete opposite.

Whether you categorize yourself in any of the three mentioned classes or not, it is imperative to know that nicotine is one of the most addictive substances on the planet. It causes temporary pleasure in the body which results in many a smokers feeling stress-free and at ease. However, as the name suggests, the effect is only for as long as you smoke. Therefore, the person has to indulge in one after the other cigarette all the time. Eventually this leads to addiction and escalates health problems, in a person already disturbed by medical issues, or introduces new range of concerns in people who aren’t. So as appealing as smoking feels to narcissists, the truth is actually far from it.

Everyone is aware of ailments that befall a person who smokes. Apart from inviting death early, you are exposed to circumstances and conundrums impossible to avoid. You tend to metamorphose into a blabbering mess, unable to control your bladder, senses, or smell emanating from your clothes and mouth. This makes you prone to awkward social situations which, reasonably, you make sure to evade.

Ultimately you end up alone in your house.

Financial implications have not even been counted yet. Money − middle or low income employees − expend on cigarettes could have been used to buy essential items for their households.

A study has shown that,

Children who grow up in low income homes, where one or both parents smoke, end up going hungry or are provided little to no nutrition at least once

Not only this, secondary smoke has far worse effects on those who live with a partner or a parent who smokes. Even though just 1 percent of this smoke is inhaled by a person sitting next to you, nonetheless, the risk of cardiovascular diseases in adults and of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in infants and children is colossal.

With more people comprehending grievous health effects of smoking, this activity is not allowed in most offices, schools, recreation centers, restaurants, and other public places. An increasing need to be safe makes people speak out to those who smoke, thus leading to their seclusion. Increased isolation and failure to communicate with non-smokers will lead to depression and related disorders in those who do. Apart from induction of an assortment of tragedies on their well being, smokers will always be alone, looked down upon by their counterparts, and lose credibility.

So, yes, smoking is the best way to kill yourself. If not from the diseases it attracts, then from the excruciating social isolation.

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