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The endless risks of sedentary life

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Sedentary life style has become a significant public health issues. Unfortunately People are spending more and more time in sedentary activities or inactive lifestyles be it in offices, schools, working places or other household scenario. Sedentary lifestyle means involving less or no physical activities like sitting, sleeping, watching TV or video games, using mobile phones, computers and laptops which lead to ill health or obesity. Obesity affect all races, ethnicities, income levels. Currently 1 in 3 children or adolescents are obese or overweight and get affected by abnormal or excessive fats accumulation. Obesity is not only a problem in itself and but also a gateway to many other health problems.

Physical inactivity or sedentary life leads to following consequences. Sedentary life effects our cardiovascular activity and enhances heart related issues. There are the risk of developing cancers in our body parts . Obesity is the main reason of anxiety, depression and lowering metabolism. Less physical activity increase our blood pressure and cholesterol which ultimately leads to diabetes. Sitting in one place is very harmful as it develops gout and arthritis symptoms. Osteoporosis, breast cancer and sleeping disorder are the direct results of sedentary lifestyle. Chances of paralytic attacks are higher in overweight people . These people are often victimized, have shortness of breath, impair blood sugar regulations, develop risk of mental illness. Poor people are easier access to unhealthy and junk foods easily available from markets.

There are many reasons that causes an obesity to a person. Lack of physical activity, unhealthy diet, various environmental factors, hormonal disorders and use of technology and community helps in sedentary lifestyle. But these factors are controllable and reversible. More and more walking habits, less use of elevators, talking while walking at a safer place promotes the idea of good health. Instead of watching video games at ideal mode switch over to the activity based games. Reduce ourselves in prolong watching of TV serials, programmes and movies. Avoid using easy means of communication i.e bike , scooter, cars etc to remain fit and fine. Prevent the excess use of social network, internet and promote the physical activity in our daily life. Lesser intake of fats and carbohydrates, regular exercises, cycling encourage our healthy habits of calory consumptions in our body.

People need more care of choices in schools and worksites. Employer can ensure healthy programme options for their employees for healthy development. Women are given more opportunities of breast feeding that can reduce obese or overweight in children. There is no specific cure for obesity. Local government should provide people an increased opportunity for physical activity, encourage easy and safe going activities of schooling, grocery stores, safety bike paths, sidewalks for cycling and healthy activities .

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