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Meaningful Life

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By: Faryal Fatima

An Express train has been moving fast towards its destination. Alongside the rails on which it is running there are lush green fields, bamboo trees, lakes and rivers but all this spectacular scenery fails to distract the focus of the train. It is continuously running towards its target without fail.

Torpitude and altitude, deserts and oceans, none of these could impacts its speed. During the voyage, as usual small stations arrive, the express train is continuously moving in such a way that it can’t stop except on the destination.

In the backdrop of this train voyage, we can understand the case of a meaningful life. Whoever decides to live a target oriented life surely gets success. So the great learning for us is that we should put all our attention on our goal only. We should not waste our time on futile, meaningless and less important things and keep moving towards our objective in a consistent manner.

Spending meaningful life is like a traveler who wants to spend all his time on his goals. The beautiful perspective of the world always came to attract the traveler but he closed his eyes and continued the journey. The shadow and shelter on way to his destiny allowed him to rest but he skipped it and continued his voyage. Here I recall a couple of famous poet Robert Frost

Woods are lovely dark and deep

But I have promises to keep

And miles to go before I sleep

And miles to go before I sleep!

Despite facing ups and downs of life the traveler neither gets distracted from his commitment towards the goal nor in his speed.

The life of perfect man isn’t like a passenger who changes his way in search of his destiny but in his mind he has a clear consciousness of the way he is heading towards. He knows being a result oriented man, he cannot stop anywhere?  He cannot waste his time in gossips and trivial matters? He has to detach himself from everything, continue traveling till he reaches his destination.

So to make life fully meaningful, it is mandatory to have result oriented mindset and that the thoughts shouldn’t be contradictory to the conscience. This distinguishes the present oriented mindset and the future oriented mindset. If this difference vanishes then it will be difficult to distinguish the humans from animals. So a person having result oriented mindset will achieve all his goals without distracting from his result.

  • This article is based on the personal impressions and interpretation of a chapter of the book ‘Raz e Hayat’ by noted Islamic scholar Mawlana Wahidudin Khan.
  • Faryal Fatima is a student of class 9th at Iqbal Memorial Institute Dooru Shahabad.

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