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Nagaberi Tral – Unexplored Beauty

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Need is to connect this destination by laying a motorable road


By: Gulzar Mir

When I was a child, I heard my grandfather saying that the people of his generation wanted to see Nagaberi getting developed into a tourist spot. My grandfather passed away without being able to fulfill his dream. Now, while getting older, it is my generation that is waiting for Nagaberi to get developed into a tourist spot.

Nagabari, a place about 15 to 20 kms away from south Kashmir’s Satura Tral, is a famous destination frequented mostly by the young boys of Kashmir during summer season. However, women, children and old-aged persons don’t have the privilege to do so as Nagabari is accessible only by foot.

It is said that Maharaja Hari Singh would visit Nagabari to enjoy the beauty of the place. After his death, nobody could recognize the potential of Nagabari to attract local, national and foreign tourists. This could have been done by constructing a 15 or 20 km road and therefore connecting Nagabari to Satura Tral.

Nagaberi has everything that a tourist spot needs to have. Deep and beautiful meadows surrounded by dense and lofty trees. The deep velvet valley is surrounded by high mountain peaks as if talking to sky. The place looks more attractive when horses and flocks of sheep graze calmly and leisurely over the mountain peaks. One can also hear the sweet sound of gushing water of Marsar Nallah, a stream which flows beneath the meadows of Nagaberi. A pond of crystal clear frozen water is located just three to four kilometers away from Nagaberi and is surrounded by high but steep mountains on one side and green meadows on other side.

Travelers usually spend a night or two at Nagaberi for an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. They also catch fish from the Marsar Nallah which, according to them, is very tasty.

I still remember my trip to Nagaberi with my friends in 2010. One of the friends accompanying me could not control his excitement and started dancing after he saw the sunrays falling over deep blue water of Tarsar and its reflection at the rocky mountain. Tarsar is a water body surrounded by a snow caped mountain on one side and with smooth velvety meadow on the other side. The water of Tarsar flows smoothly and slowly into the Lidder River.

The lack motorable road to Nagaberi is keeping it from becoming a tourist spot. The successive governments did nothing in this regard. It is expected that the present dispensation looks beyond Gulmarg-Pahalgam-Sonamrg triangle and pays attention to Nagaberi. It just needs a good road and nothing else. Nature lovers would love to visit the place.

The author hails from Jawaharpora(Lam)in south Kaashmir’s Tral area.

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