Dr. Tasaduk Hussain Itoo

Professionalism and values

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Only a positive mindset can spread positivity all around

First of all I would like to express my kind gratitude, pay a grand salute and acknowledge the dedication and commitment of doctors towards our society. Doctors are the warriors, who are always making relentless efforts towards providing the highest level of healthcare to patients to best of their knowledge and expertise irrespective of facing many odds and challenges in daily life.

I personally being a doctor by profession would feel proud and say that patients are the most important visitors to us. We are literally dependent on them and we both get mutually benefitted by each other. A doctor gets an opportunity to serve humanity and earn his livelihood by treating his patients. Likewise a patient gets an opportunity to get himself treated and stay healthy and happy on visiting a doctor.

I believe besides diagnosing and treating a patient, positive counselling of a patient by his doctor with immense care, concern and love during the course of treatment forms an important part in the line of his management. A patient is a noble teacher in the noble professional life of a medical doctor – to whom a doctor should be much empathic, sympathic and friendly.

Counselling a patient pragmatically forms an important part of managing his/her concerns/welfare. Getting into the shoes of a patient, developing empathy, sympathy, love, care and giving him/her hope in a state when he/she might be feeling hopeless/ emotionally down/ helpless because of the struggle he/she is going through – is the best way to bring revolution and positively impact the life of a patient.

Every professional should have the prime motivation of creating a positive impact in the society and bring revolution in the lives of people. I would say that every proffesion is unique and dignified in itself and envisages with a core idea of service to humanity directly or indirectly through a unique way of professional approach, awareness and integrity.

Whatever proffession you are in, your prime motivation should be to create an IMPACT (bring positive change/revolution in the life of someone). Suppose you are a doctor, a patient you received is bed-ridden, couldn’t do things that he would have been supposed to do normally, his life gets shattered for a moment of life. A doctor comes to treat the patient and with the help of God the patient gets off -bed and starts again a healthy life. If the doctor, besides treating the patient also amuses him/her, he/she brings a change/revolution in his/her (patient’s) life.

A patient is the best noble teacher for a doctor other than the teacher who taught him in a medical school. A patient gives a doctor an opportunity to serve humanity, to please Almighty Lord and  to teach him morally, practically and ethically. More often on my duties, I used to invest hours in counselling patients and used to give them enough motivation to live life without getting bowed down by some disease. When patient gives a hopeful smile at the end, that becomes the moment of my great satisfaction.

I believe better communication skills and effective counselling acts as a strong pillar in developing trust in a doctor- patient relationship, besides improving the quality of life of the patient. A doctor should often question his conscience and strive to become more concerning, humanitarian and truthful towards his patient.

I also believe that for any relationship to hold bond of strength, mutual understanding and trust for each other is very important. Whenever there happens any misunderstanding or distrust, disputes and conflict arises. Likewise is the doctor-patient relationship. Rising disputes, conflicts and violent acts are the result of distortion of this relationship. We need to repose trust in our doctors to strengthen this relationship and to avoid any kind of conflict.

In conclusion, I would say that doctor’s is ‘profession with passion’ and I am proud to be a doctor. You gain expertise in your field by gaining more knowledge through “learning by doing” and that is crucial for professional growth. Moreover, to be a good human being – both ‘professionalism and values’ are important. Everyone needs to be positive with a passion for positive thinking. One’s positivity brings positivity all around

For a doctor, in particular, the positivity is a must. When a doctor sees a patient, his/her positivity undoubtedly creates a positive chemistry between the duo and that certainly helps in not only treating the patient but also putting him emotionally and psychologically on a positive track.

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